Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1656

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Chapter 1656

Lin Zhanli realized his mistake, and quickly changed his tone and said:

“Lin Fan, you… why are you here?”
“Stop acting, I already know that you sent someone to kill me.”

Lin Fan sneered, and these words immediately made Lin Zhanli’s heart jump and he took two steps back with fear. .

It seemed that he was afraid that Lin Fan would suddenly rise up and kill him to vent his anger.

“Look at your prominence, he is alone, what is there to be afraid of?”
Lin Hongtu stared at Lin Zhanxian with hatred of iron and steel.

Then, he stared at Lin Fan coldly:

“How did you get here alive? Will Lin do them?”
At this time, Lin Hongtu was also very annoyed. Those idiots were so careless that this guy broke in.

Didn’t they meet Lin Fan?

In his opinion, if Lin Jiangxing they meet Lin Fan, then Lin Fan must be a dead person.


And Lin Fan smiled slightly, then threw a bloody bag out, and then the two heads suddenly rolled out.

It is the brothers Lin Jiangxing and Lin Zhaohe!


Lin Hongtu and his son were horrified in an instant, that eyeball seemed to be staring out of the eye socket Cracked in general.

This scene before them is so incredible to them, like a dream!

Lin Jiangxing, they are dead?


This is impossible!

Lin Jiang went on their trip but they brought eight great masters, wouldn’t it be easy to kill Lin Fan?

How can this guy block the eight great masters and successfully kill the two of Lin Jiangxing?

This must be a dream!
At this time, let alone Lin Zhanhuan, even Lin Hongtu was completely paralyzed.
There was a deep disbelief in his eyes.

The Lin family can’t kill Lin Fan alone with the strength of their family?

Is this guy still a human?


Lin Hongtu swallowed fiercely. At this time, he finally began to regret it.

In order to deal with a Lin Fan, their Lin family’s vitality was greatly injured!

All the masters and successors were all dead!

Is it really worth it?

Is their Lin family really ruined in the hands of this kid?

This generation of heroes who has been admired for many years, is scared at this time!

Because he saw infinite potential in Lin Fan’s body!

This guy is simply not human!

“Dad, we’re over! We’re over!”

Lin Zhanli also burst into tears, looking mad, almost paralyzed by scare:
“He is going to destroy our whole family! He wants to kill us!”

He doesn’t want to die!

And at this moment, Lin Hongtu seemed to be ten years old. He asked Lin Fan with a trembling voice:

“Who are you… on earth?”
He wanted to know what he had experienced after being abandoned by them, this waste that he regarded as shameful to the Lin family.

In just ten years, he has grown from a child to the existence of the Lin family?
How can they stop the Lin family’s hundreds of years of experience?

But Lin Fan didn’t plan to confess his identity so quickly, so he sneered and sneered:

“In the future, you will know!”

“In addition, I will stay in the imperial capital for three days, and I will give you three days to kill me, but every time you fail, I will kill a blood relative of your Lin family!”

“Until you die two positions!”


Lin Fan walked towards the gate without looking back.

“Don’t go! Lin Fan, don’t go!”

Lin Hongtu finally panicked, chasing after him like crazy, and facing Lin Fan with a ferocious expression Yelled:

“I hand over the Lin family to you, and immediately treat you as the new master! Please let us go, let the Lin family go!”

He is scared!

He is really scared!

In the past, Lin Fan was a shame in his eyes, even if he became a great master, Lin Hongtu never looked at him.

But now, he really realized that this kid in front of him had the ability to destroy the Lin Family.

He was scared, because he didn’t want the Lin family’s hundreds of years of inheritance to be destroyed in his hands, so even if he died, he would have no face to see the ancestors and ancestors.

And now!

Lin Fan turned around, with a chilling arc drawn in the corner of his mouth:

“I’m sorry now, it’s too late!”

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