Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1658

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Chapter 1658

The next day, Li Xunran came to Lin Fan’s door. Seeing that Lin Fan and Bai Yi were reconciled as before, she, who should have been happy, didn’t know why she was a little lost.

“What’s the matter?”

Lin Fan asked.

Li Xunran cleared up her mood and took the initiative to say:

“What did you do last night?”

Lin Fan was taken aback for a while and smiled Asked in the opposite direction:

“What did I do?”

“You still pretend, now the entire emperor capital is in chaos!”

Li Xunran is out of anger after Lin Fan was white, she had never thought that the emperor would completely collapse because of one person.

What terrible energy is hidden in this guy?

Since last night, the Lin family’s stock has evaporated more than 300 billion, and this figure is Continue to climb.

Now the entire imperial capital is a complete sensation!

Everyone was terrified. What kind of existence could have caused a business empire that had been standing for hundreds of years to collapse overnight!

Now the entire imperial capital is frantically looking for Lin Fan’s whereabouts!

The heroes of all parties want to surrender to his feet now!

An existence that can overthrow the Lin family overnight, if you can follow such an existence, the future must be boundless!

“All the industries and forces under the Lin Family, closed and closed, turned against the water, they looked like a tree felled and scattered.”

“What the hell did you do?”

” ”

Li Xunran was very curious about what shocking things Lin Fan did that could cause such a terrifying chain reaction.


Lin Fan smiled and said:

“I just let the world know that the Lin family is not invincible!”
“And I, Lin Fan, may not be weak in strength!”

Now, all the forces that were loyal to the Lin family have started one by one since they knew what happened last night. The heart of rebellion!

Actually! is also for fear of offending Lin Fan, it will bring them themselves annihilation.

So one by one directly chose to counter the water and embezzled the Lin family’s property on a large scale. Today, the Lin family has been defeated.

Li Xunran was completely dazed by Lin Fan’s domineering remarks.

It really is because of this guy!

Last night, what happened!

The Lin family, who was in the midst of the sky, was completely depressed overnight. This is simply a fantasy.

“You came to me today, don’t you just ask about this, right?”

Lin Fan asked with a smile.

And Li Xunran suppressed the shock in her heart, and said:

“Master and his old man asked me to take you around the imperial capital and appreciate the local customs!”

“You pack your clothes and go with me!”

And Lin Fan glanced behind him, then said:

“I’ll go with you, my wife wants to take a good rest today.”

Last night, Bai Yi was frightened all night and cried all night, Lin Fan really couldn’t bear to disturb her.

And now, he has also planted people around the hotel, and he is not afraid that the Lin family dare to jump over the wall to make trouble for him. After Lin Fan followed Li Xunran around in the imperial capital. Lin Fan also knew that Yao Lao must have something to do with him, so Li Xunran personally came to invite him.

And this matter is not convenient for Bai Yi to know.

“When will you take me to see Yao Lao?”

Finally, after walking a few boring laps, Lin Fan couldn’t help but ask.


Li Xunran immediately looked at Lin Fan in astonishment:

“How did you know that Master asked me to show you to him?”
Lin Fan sighed, and said with a smile:

“You are like a headless fly that took me around all morning, and when I arrived at the scenic spot, I gave a few words casually, and looked absent-minded. “

“I think Yao always asks you to trick me out first, because he knows that if he tells the truth from the beginning, I will never come out with you.”

Li Xunran felt like he was about to explode.

She finally understands what it means to be wise as a demon!

Such a guy with dual online force and intelligence, did the Lin family ruthlessly abandon him back then?

Did their brains let the donkey kick it?
Immediately, Lin Fan smiled and asked:

“Let’s go, what the hell is Yao always looking for me?”

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