Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1659

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Chapter 1659

Li Xunran looked at Lin Fan with a weird expression, and then said:

“Okay, let’s set off now!”

Then, the two went to after arriving at Yao Lao’s residence, Lin Fan realized that things were far more complicated than he had imagined.

Outside the manor, there are already a dozen luxury cars parked, each of which is more than one million yuan, which shows that the owner must be a high-ranking official.

Yao Lao didn’t just want to meet him, but also called so many people?

Is there anything to announce?

And when they walked into the venue, they saw a group of young people standing on the first floor chatting, a touch of arrogance was condensed between their brows, the elders in the family were in the council, and they were waiting downstairs. , Obviously, I followed the elders of the family to come to this long experience.

The moment they saw Lin Fan, these young talents were completely stunned, and then a thick contempt suddenly appeared on their faces.

Where did this stinky beggar come from?

A young man dressed up like an old man, even wearing cloth shoes?

This outfit is scared Does it add up to not more than 1,000 yuan, right?

Participating in Yao Lao’s dinner with this kind of virtue, is this guy trying to make a difference, or is he too poor?

“Xunran, who is this wonderful flower next to you? Is this just returning from a fleeing escape? Hahaha!”

A young man named Huo Dongying walked up and looked at Lin Fan with a playful expression, as if he was looking at a stinky beggar.

Li Xunran’s face suddenly sank, and then she yelled:

“Huo Dongying, keep your mouth clean. He has a name and a surname. The name is Lin Fan. It’s me. The distinguished guest invited by the master, please let me go!”

“Lin Fan?”

Huo Dongying was completely stunned. Although he is not from the imperial capital, he is right. The name is no stranger.

“This guy is the rubbish of the Lin family?”

Everyone was in an uproar, staring at Lin Fan in surprise, obviously no stranger to this name.

It’s just that they didn’t expect this waste to appear here.

“Who I am? It turned out to be the Lin family rubbish!”

Huo Dongying laughed louder, and then stared at Li Xunran playfully:

“Xunran, don’t you think it’s too much for you to bring this kind of garbage to this banquet? We don’t want to be in the same room with such wild species!”


Hearing the word wild, Lin Fan’s eyes were suddenly filled with cold light, staring at Huo Dongying!

Being stared at by such fierce gazes, Huo Dongying also frightened in an instant, and a touch of shock suddenly appeared in his eyes.

Lin Fan’s eyes seemed to eat him.

When he stared at it like this, Huo Dongying felt like her hairs were standing upright.

But in the next instant, his face suddenly became gloomy. How could he be intimidated by a family abandoned youngster?

At the moment, he continued to yell:

“What do you look at! Am I wrong? You are a wild species, a wild species born by a shameless bitch!”

See you!

Li Xunran suddenly sighed helplessly. Why are there so many idiots seeking death?

Immediately after, she stepped back helplessly, for fear of being splashed with blood on her face.

Because she knew very well what would happen if the monster Lin Fan was angered.

The Lin family is the best proof!

But these idiots didn’t even know that the reason why the Lin family fell apart overnight was because of the man in front of them.

They still regard Lin Fan as the waste man who was swept out by the Lin family back then!


The floor suddenly burst open!

Lin Fan’s body suddenly burst out with an unrelenting power.

He stepped out with a murderous look, and pressed towards Huo Dongying.

The murderous intent in

‘s eyes was so intense that he stared at Huo Dongying:

“Say what I just said again!”

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