Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1671

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Chapter 1671

Xu Yourong’s expression completely froze!

No demeanor!

The man in front of her is very lacklustre!

Xu Yourong’s beauty can be said to be side by side with Bai Yi, so no matter at home or abroad, there has never been a man talking to her like Lin Fan.
Beat her to the teeth?

What a rude and vulgar guy!

At the moment, Xu Yourong’s impression of Lin Fan is that it has fallen to another level, and she feels more and more that Bai Yi must divorce this guy.

And now!

She thought of something and sneered:

“You gave Xinbai’s and the vaccine? Lin Fan, you really dare to put gold on your face! “

“I have already investigated all your personal information before returning to China. You have been a family cook for the past three years. In addition to washing and cooking, you don’t know anything about it. Is Bai Yi working alone and has half a dime relationship with you?”

“You are really shameless!”

Lin Fan shrugged and did not continue to explain.

The other party’s impression of him is already preconceived, so Lin Fan will not believe anything at this moment.

In these short few minutes of getting along with this mean and sharp woman, Lin Fan has been living like years.

It seems like a lump of shit in the eyes of the other person.

Fortunately, this atmosphere did not last long, and Bai Yi returned.

Seeing Bai Yi’s return, Xu Yourong’s attitude suddenly changed three hundred and sixty degrees, and his face was once again filled with a warm and friendly smile.

“What are you talking about, so happy?”

Bai Yi asked curiously.

“Nothing, just talk about the things between you, Mr. Lin and I really hit it off.”
Xu Yourong laughed, and then stared sharply at Lin Fan:

“You mean? Mr. Lin?”

Lin Fan smacked secretly, this woman belongs to Chameleon?

This turning face is faster than turning a book!

Is it true that the more beautiful a woman is, the more deceitful it is?

After eating, Bai Yi received a call from Li Xunran to discuss the details of the cooperation between the Medical Association and Xin Bai’s.

Bai Yi said sorry to Xu Yourong with a look of embarrassment.

Xu Yourong waved her hand and said generously:

“It’s okay, anyway, I have to go to Washington Pharmaceuticals for an interview today, and we will meet again when we have time!”

Washington Pharmaceuticals?

Lin Fan frowned, isn’t this his group?

Now, he is the president of the China Medical Association, and this Washington Pharmaceuticals is equivalent to the facade of the Medical Association!

What a coincidence, Xu Yourong actually wants to go to her own group for an interview?

Bai Yi nodded, and said to Lin Fan:

“Lin Fan, you send my cousin to Washington Pharmaceuticals!”

Lin Fan suddenly expressed his expression. He collapsed, and then reluctantly let out a sigh, and said:

“Can I not go?”

The voice just fell off!

With two murderous glances, they stared at Lin Fan in unison.

Lin Fan’s spirit was shocked, and said weakly:
“I’m kidding, I’ll get the car now!”

It is a blessing, not a disaster, but a misfortune cannot be avoided!

After arriving at the place, Xu Yourong threw a pile of money to Lin Fan in disgust, which was a few thousand yuan.

Then she said with a cold face:

“You can roll!”

There was no second sentence, and he walked on high heels. Into the Washington Pharmaceuticals.

At this time, a sneer appeared at the corner of Lin Fan’s mouth, and then he dialed Zhang Jianjun’s phone:

“Zhang Jianjun, there will be a woman named Xu Yourong coming soon. Let’s apply for DC Pharma!” Zhang Jianjun at the end of

He was immediately in awe, and said respectfully:

“Does Mr. Lin mean that I should arrange a position for her? I am now Let people prepare immediately!”

However, a grinning grin appeared at the corner of Lin Fan’s mouth, and said:

“No, I want you to make things difficult for her!”

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