Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1672

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Chapter 1672

Not long after, Lin Fan appeared next to Zhang Jianjun, watching Xu Yourong conduct an interview through the monitor.

If Xu Yourong’s attitude is better, then he will be able to let Xu Yourong enter the Dingsheng Group by moving his lips, but now, it is unlikely.

Want to mess with him, but also want to enter his company?


“How is the situation?”

Lin Fan asked Zhang Jianjun on the side, and Zhang Jianjun was already in cold sweat at this time, constantly wiping cold sweat.

“I asked a few questions in a row just now. The difficulty was all expert level, but she was able to answer them very well!”

“And she has some insights on medicine, Called innovation! It’s amazing! Mr. Lin, this is a rare talent. If she doesn’t particularly offend you, I suggest that she stay here!”

“We, China, need such a talent!”

Zhang Jianjun looked at Lin Fan cautiously. At this time, even he wanted to keep Xu Yourong. This woman is really too strong!

Lin Fan frowned even though he wanted to make Xu Yourong a stumbling block, but he didn’t expect this woman to be so good.

The difficult problem they designed, can’t it stump her?

No wonder Bai Yi told him before that her cousin is the best woman in the world, she is really extraordinary!

Lin Fan hesitated for a moment, and then asked:

“What position does she require?”

Zhang Jianjun answered in a low voice.


Lin Fan was taken aback, and then he laughed:

“It’s really a lion’s mouth!”

In other groups or companies, the supervisor certainly not as senior as directors, presidents and other positions, but in Dingsheng Group, a director position is more senior than the chairman of other companies.

Because of Dingsheng Group, it can be said to be the China Doctors Alliance!

Being a supervisor here and being a supervisor outside have completely different meanings.

All the applicants came from the bottom, but Xu Yourong asked to be a supervisor when she came, which was really a bit greedy.

“Then what do you mean?”

Zhang Jianjun looked at Lin Fan uncertainly.

“Enroll her, the probation period is three months, if she can’t do anything more than the theory within these three months, let her go out of bed!”

“Salary No!”

Lin Fan said this lightly, and then left the room.

And Zhang Jianjun suddenly felt happy and went straight to the interview room.

“Ms. Xu, congratulations! From now on, you are the director of our Dingsheng Group. The probation period is three months, and you will start working tomorrow. Do you think there is no problem?”

The interviewer and Xu Yourong in the room were completely stunned.

The interview was only halfway through, and Zhang Jianjun came out and said that Xu Yourong was admitted?

And Xu Yourong stood up, shook hands with Zhang Jianjun politely, and said with a smile:

“That, Mr. Zhang, I have a merciless request, no I know if Mr. Zhang can do it!”

Hear the words!

Zhang Jianjun was taken aback for a moment, and then his smile quickly returned to his face. He smiled and said:

“Miss Xu, but its okay to say it!”

He has always been vigorous and resolute. Xu Yourong suddenly became a little bit twisted.

It’s like a frosty white rose, blooming!


Seeing her shy appearance, Zhang Jianjun couldn’t help swallowing, and cursed a goblin in his heart.

“It’s like this. I heard that Dingsheng Group is now led by psychiatrist Lin. I want to see him. It’s not convenient for you to see Mr. Zhang?”

Zhang Jianjun immediately followed him. Like a fly, his face turned green in an instant.

He thought this lady was interesting to him, but it turned out to be Lin Fan’s idea.


Zhang Jianjun’s expression suddenly became hesitant, because he knew Lin Fan’s character very well, and most of them would never see Xu Yourong.

After all, a strange man like Lin Fan has too many admirers.

If you have to meet everyone, where can you meet?

It seems to have seen Zhang Jianjun’s reluctance, Xu Yourong suddenly said nervously:

“It’s true that I will come to Dingsheng Group for an interview this time because I have the genius doctor came here!”

“I implore Mr. Zhang to fulfill my wish!”

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