Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1735

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Chapter 1735

As for the relatives on his mother’s side, Lin Fan has never been very familiar with them. In his impression, they have never appeared before.

But now the blood prison mad god actually told him that he found his grandfather?

A soft place in Lin Fan’s heart was immediately touched.

Right now, he asked nervously:
“Where are they now?”

“It’s in the imperial capital, in the old city of Xishan! There are quite a few forces in the local area. Your grandfather’s name is Song Yuerong!”
Lin Fan could no longer contain his excitement, and said:

“I will prepare a gift tomorrow, I want to visit my grandfather’s family!”

Just don’t know!

What kind of expression will Grandpa look like after seeing him?


After arriving at the hotel, Lin Fan just wanted to tell Bai Yi the good news.

But he saw Bai Yi sitting on the bed, wiping away tears.

Seeing this, Lin Fan was completely stunned. He thought it was because of the beating that made him feel sad.

He greeted her quickly, and comforted:

“Wife, it’s okay! Elder Yao has been rescued, and the person who beat you has paid the price. Don’t cry anymore. That’s it!”

And now!

Bai Yi turned her head scorchingly and stared at Lin Fan:

“Lin Fan, when are you going to hide from me?”

Lin Fan’s heart sank suddenly and looked at Bai Yi in amazement.

Did my wife find something?

Seeing Lin Fan’s expression, Bai Yi was even more sure that she guessed it right, so she cried even harder:

“You still want to lie to me? Do you really think I’m stupid? Why every time something happens, as long as you are there, it can be solved?”

“Why can you contact Lin Zuo, the King of Blood Hell there are so many great doctors?”

“And why are you even a super queen like Zhang Yichen and a world-famous doctor like Li Xunran? It’s not just because you are a great master, you didn’t. Say, I won’t ask!”

“But now I must know!”

Bai Yi has a very firm attitude. If Lin Fan doesn’t say why today, she will definitely not I’ll let it go!

Lin Fan smiled bitterly:

“Why do you have to know today?”

However, Lin Fan just finished speaking!

Bai Yi suddenly hugged him, and said pitifully:

“Because I am afraid, I am really afraid! You are becoming better and better, you There are more and more excellent women around me. I am afraid that one day, I will lose you completely!”

“Husband, you are mine! No one can take you away!”
“Please, tell me who you are, OK?”

Lin Fan was startled, and suddenly felt warmth in his heart.

At the moment, he is hugging Bai Yi with infinite tenderness in his eyes:

“I tell you, I tell you everything!”

At this point, Lin Fan decided to confess his identity and no longer frightened his woman.

Bai Yi quickly raised her head and looked at Lin Fan seriously:

“Are you telling the truth?”
For a long time, she has deeply doubted Lin Fan’s explanation, but being considerate, she has never wanted to ask too much.

If Lin Fan doesn’t say, she won’t ask!

Do a good job as a wife!

But now it is different. She is aware of the crisis, and there are more and more women around Lin Fan.

Even if she is beautiful, all of them are so good. She is worried that her husband will be robbed if this continues.

She doesn’t want to be so scared anymore!

So she wants Lin Fan to tell her, Lin Fan’s true identity!

But what she didn’t expect was that Lin Fan, who had been hiding her from her, would let go for the first time, and promised to tell her identity,

And Lin Fan, finally Is his mystery about to be lifted?

Lin Fan smiled and nodded, stroking Bai Yi’s hair and said:

“Tomorrow, I will take you to a place, when you get there, you will know everything I want to know!”

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