Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1736

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Chapter 1736


The next morning, Lin Fan and Bai Yi Let’s go to Song’s house together!

Only then did Bai Yi know that it was his grandfather that Lin Fan was going to take her to.

This makes Bai Yi a little nervous, and she feels like an ugly daughter-in-law sees her in-laws.

At the moment, she complained a little:

“Why don’t you tell me in advance that I can buy something so I can just go empty-handed? It’s too shameful!”

Lin Fan gave her a smile and shook his head:

“No, I have prepared a big gift. Grandpa and his old man will love it!”

“Today, I will give him a surprise! I will also give you a surprise. !”

Bai Yi stopped talking, held Lin Fan’s hand tightly, and then docilely put his head on Lin Fan’s shoulder.


And now!

The Song family has already exploded the pot completely!

“What did you say? The genius doctor Lin, are you coming to our Song family?”

Screamed through the entire Song family in an instant.

An old man in his seventies stared with muddy eyes, looking at his son in disbelief. At this time, his face was completely red.

He is Lin Fan’s grandfather, Song Yourong!

Not only him, but even the Song family present were all dumbfounded, with an unbelievable appearance.

What a joke!

That’s the genius doctor Lin, a leader in the contemporary pharmaceutical industry, and even the veteran of medicine must respect him three points, and he is now the chairman of Washington Pharmaceuticals. Characters like in the eyes of their Song family, are the aloft Haoyue, and they are humble ants like dust.

How could he look at their little Song family?


Everyone feels this is a dream! The feeling of is as if an ordinary person has won tens of millions of Mark Six lottery, and I can’t believe it is true with ecstasy.

“Dad, it’s true! It was Zhang Jianjun’s call personally, let us prepare in advance, and Zhang Jianjun will come soon!”


The entire Song family was instantly pushed to an unprecedented climax.

Zhang Jianjun is calling?

Such an existence calls them in person, can there be fakes?

Their Song family, are they making sparrows fly on the branches and become phoenixes?

“God bless my Song family! I am favored by the genius doctor Lin, my Song family will grow up, and it is just around the corner!” Song Yuerong burst into tears with excitement, then shouted:
“Quick! Prepare the best food and drink, and entertain Doctor Lin with the highest courtesy!”

“If anyone dares to neglect Doctor Lin, expel the Song family!”
All the Songs were in an uproar, and then they hurriedly prepared.

Where do they dare to neglect the genius doctor Lin?

He was bestowed on the Song family by heaven, a great future.

Although he doesn’t know why such a big man would like their little Song family, but this kind of opportunity is not to be missed.

At the moment, Song Yuerong ordered to his grandson:

“Song Jingteng, immediately go to a five-star hotel and ask their chef to take the lead. No matter how much money you spend, you must someone invite me!”


Song Jingteng quickly agreed, and then rushed out the door full of excitement. He knew that at this time, he had a major task.


Song Jingteng came to the door and saw a pair of plainly dressed men standing in front of their house, about to knock on the door.

Because the two of them were too low-key, Song Jingteng didn’t even think about them at the genius doctor Lin.

Immediately asked impatiently:

“Who are you guys, what are you sneaking up here?”

Bai Yi and Lin Fan were stunned. They didn’t expect the first Song family to come out with such a bad attitude.

However, Lin Fan didn’t want to care about him either, and said with a smile:

“I am Lin Fan, I am here…”

Ke Lin Fancai said his name before the next game.

Song Jingteng has already exclaimed:

“Lin Fan, are you that wild species?”

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