Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1753

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Chapter 1753

One hundred thousand?

Wang Youcai and Wang Zhijun were taken aback. At this time, they all closed their mouths and dared not talk nonsense.

“Who do you have, don’t you have insurance? Just apply for the insurance repair and it will be over? Is your little boy deliberately trying to cheat me?”

Wang Zhijun said angrily, again I started acting like a baby to Wang Youcai:

“Dad, look at them, what kind of attitude is this!”

Lin Fan looked at a person in his forties, and his 70-year-old I acted like a baby and almost didn’t spit out last night’s meal.

Wang Youcai also had a sullen expression, and said angrily:

“Okay, I’ll talk after dinner!”

Then a group of people entered the five-star hotel. With Wang Youcai’s and Wang Zhijun’s virtues, naturally he would not let go of the opportunity to slaughter Bai Yi severely, so he asked for a box directly.

The cost of the box alone is more than 70,000.

This isn’t anything like wine or food.

The ones on the table, they don’t order anything less than one thousand yuan, abalone, sea cucumber, lobster, etc., whatever is expensive.

At this moment, Lin Fan can also be regarded as experiencing what is called the Xiaomin.

The father and son think that the little bit of kindness to the Bai Yi family at the beginning can do whatever they want, right?

This is more than that. Wang Youcai also took advantage of the effort to go to the toilet and secretly ordered a bottle of more than two hundred thousand red wine.

How do they know how to drink red wine, just to kill Bai Yi, who makes Bai Yi rich?

“Dad, don’t forget to help me borrow money from Bai Yi, remember to borrow more? Click!”

Wang Zhijun said cheeky, taking it for granted.

This is the real reason they came to find Bai Yi!

At this time, Wang Youcai glanced at him, and then asked:

“Do you think how much is appropriate?”

“20 million!”

Wang Zhijun directly opened his mouth.


Wang Youcai took a breath, staring at Wang Zhijun in disbelief:

“You are so crazy, 20 million?How can we have money to pay back the family?”

He is now retiring at home, and his pension is 10,000 yuan a month.

Wang Zhijun has been gnawing on this waste for more than 20 years. He didn’t have a penny, so he dare to borrow 20 million?

Will he pay his life?

But Wang Zhijun curled his lips and said with a look of disdain:

“Who said we have to pay it back?”

This is simply a rascal!
Wang Zhijun had already planned to borrow money from Bai Yi as an excuse, but actually did not intend to return it to Bai Yi.

“Are you saying you don’t want to pay it back?”

Wang Youcai asked with a surprised expression.

“What a fart!”
Wang Zhijun snorted coldly, with a deep smug look on his face:

“If we hadn’t been there, their family would have starved to death, but we would have saved his life and given some money. What’s the matter? They haven’t repaid us yet!”

“And you have seen that they cost more than 10 million per car. Isn’t it a casual thing to borrow 20 million? “

When he heard this, Wang Youcai was also moved, his eyes were full of greed:

“Those 20 million are less, so I need 50 million!”
“That’s right, Dad, you can be tougher in a while!”

“Don’t worry, I will definitely let them pay, this is what they owe us!”

The father and son laughed extremely treacherously, and their faces became a bit hideous.

Bai Yi was stunned when she saw Wang Youcai and his son returning to the table.

Because the father and son simply wrote the words “ill-intentioned” directly on their faces, as if they were afraid that others would not know they were going to make things worse.

“Bai Yi, over the years, your new Bai family should be quite profitable, right?”

“I heard that your family lives with hundreds of millions of super it’s a mansion!”


Bai Yi realized that something was wrong when she heard this.

Then looked at Wang Youcai vigilantly:

“Cousin, what do you mean?”

Wang Youcai smiled and said:

“It’s not interesting, it’s just that your cousin recently owed a foreign debt, and the amount is a bit large, and we are also lacking in energy.”

“So, I want to borrow some money from you!”

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