Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1754

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Chapter 1754

Borrowing money?

Bai Yi finally understood why Wang Youcai was looking for her.

Not just Bai Yi, the faces of Shen Yumei and Bai Shan also became unsightly at this moment.

No wonder Wang Youcai and Wang Zhijun had to follow them to the imperial capital, and they said that there were important things to discuss with Bai Yi.

So he just wanted to borrow money from Bai Yi!

At the beginning, when their family was unwelcome in the Bai family, Wang Youcai never took the initiative to contact them, for fear of being dragged down by them.

Now that he knows that Bai Yi has made money, he thinks about borrowing money from Bai Yi one by one.

This is disgusting!

“Bai Yi, what do you mean by not talking, do you not want to borrow money? That’s how your family treats your savior?”

Wang Youcai asked with a bad tone, as if Bai Yi didn’t lend him money, just like a heinous crime.

And Lin Fan was also amused by the other party’s shamelessness, borrowing money to be so arrogant, who will give your face?

Bai Yi hesitated for a moment, and then said:

“Then I don’t know how much money my cousin intends to borrow?”

Willing to borrow?

Wang Youcai and Wang Zhijun’s eyebrows were suddenly overjoyed, and they knew that Bai Yi did not dare to refuse.

Then, Wang Youcai stretched out his five fingers.

“Five hundred thousand?”

Bai Yi nodded and said:

“Okay, I will transfer the money to you immediately!”


Wang Youcai jumped up immediately, pointing to Bai Yi’s nose and cursing:

“What half a million, you stinks to beg for food? You pay for the meal. It’s more than half a million, right? What I want is 50 million!”


Bai Yi’s family was all dumbfounded, and they all doubted whether they had heard it wrong.

50 million?

Is this taking Bai Yi as a fool?

This is the mouth, is Bai Yi’s money brought by the wind?

Is this too much?

If Wang Youcai has the ability to pay it back, that’s fine, but they borrowed money like this, and they made it clear that they didn’t plan to pay it back.

Wang Youcai is now retired, and now lives on a pension of 10,000 yuan a month, and Wang Zhijun is a waste of old people. He has been unemployed for more than 20 years.

And before Wang Youcai’s death, I am afraid that nothing will change.

Throwing these fifty million away, isn’t that meat buns hitting dogs, there is no return?

For an instant, Shen Yumei became angry, and said loudly:

“Cousin, your request is too much. That’s 50 million. How can Bai Yi do that? How much money?”

But Wang Youcai didn’t buy it at all, and ranted:
“Are you fooling the ghost, your family lives in a mansion worth hundreds of millions of dollars, sitting in a luxury car of more than ten million dollars, you can’t even get tens of millions of dollars out?”

“I See you make it clear, you just don’t want to borrow it!”

Wang Zhijun also helped:

“That’s right, you white-eyed wolves, have you forgotten how our family saved you in the first place? Had we not given you those steamed buns, you would have been starved to death!”

“I am ungrateful, I had known that, those steamed buns might as well feed the dogs!”


Shen Yumei was so angry at what the other party said.

Both father and son have been talking about those steamed buns over the years. Didn’t they just stinks out the unwanted steamed buns?

Borrowed money and refused to borrow, but threw out a bag of steamed buns that he was about to throw away.

What’s so great?

But the other party has the face to say that he helped them?

It’s as if Wang Youcai and the others saved their family’s life.

Too shameless!

Over the years, in order to repay the so-called gratitude, are they still few in helping Wang Youcai’s family?

Wang Zhijun, this trash, marries a wife, builds a house, or finds a job, which is not their family’s money and effort, but the other party takes it for granted.

It’s as if their family owes Wang Youcai and Wang Zhijun.

Now even dare to ask for 50 million directly?

This is not just too simple, the other party has no intention of becoming a human being at all.

Bai Yi also sighed and said apologetically to Wang Youcai:

“Cousin, I really don’t have that much money!”

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