Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1757

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Chapter 1757

“That must be less I knew that Lin Fan was so foolish. I should have said 80 million for us, no! I should say 100 million!”

Wang Youcai is too regretful, he didn’t expect Lin Fan. Will be so generous, and directly gave them a check for 50 million.

These mothers and sons are really weird. They have cheated others’ money and regret that they don’t have enough. They are brazen and have no conscience.

“It’s okay, I will have a long time in Japan!”

“Wang Zhijun said with a smirk. After spending the fifty million yuan, I will talk about it, and then I will ask them to borrow it!”


Wang Youcai was stunned and looked at Wang Zhijun in disbelief:

“Are you going to ask them to borrow?”
Isn’t these fifty million enough?

And if they borrow 50 million, they are already very unhappy.

This next time they speak, how could they agree?

“Dad, are you stupid? They are so rich, don’t you want it for nothing?” Wang Zhijun said shamelessly.

When people sell 50 million, it means they have more money. If you don’t take more, wouldn’t you be sorry?

“But this time they are not so happy, can they agree next time?”

Wang Youcai asked.

“If we didn’t agree, we cried and hung up, went to the Washington Pharmaceuticals to discredit them, saying that they were ungrateful.”

“Hey, those few rotten steamed buns Kindness, our family will eat them for a lifetime!”

Wang Zhijun has already planned, and this life will depend on their family, who made them owe them favor.

My own family saved their family’s life, even if they took too much, they should have given it.

“Dad, if you want to have endless glory and wealth for the rest of your life, you have to rely on their family!”

Wang Zhijun was originally a gnawing old man, all day long. He knows he eats, drinks, and gambles, never work.

It used to be gnawing Wang Youcai, but now he has a wealthier benefactor to give him permission, how could this parasite be easily let go?

Wang Zhijun urged Wang Youcai:

“Furthermore, we saved their lives. That is a reason. Isn’t it right for them to provide us with old age?”
Hear the words!

Wang Youcai was also tempted, and said with a smile:

“Then it will all be up to you!”

That night!

Wang Zhijun went to the most famous casino in the area and found a few chicks to be happy. He had lost three million on this night alone.

But he doesn’t take it seriously at all, because he still has more than 40 million, and the most important thing is that the Baiyi family raises him. What are they afraid of?

At this time, Lin Fan is working at Washington Pharmaceuticals!

Suddenly saw Zhang Jianjun strode in, his expression a little ugly.

“What’s wrong?”

Lin Fan asked in a puzzled way.

“Mr. Lin, what you see next, I hope you don’t get angry!”

Zhang Jianjun sighed, looking very nervous.

“If you have something to say, you don’t have to be circumspect.”

Lin Fan didn’t know what Zhang Jianjun was making.

Zhang Jianjun didn’t say much anymore, and asked the door:

“Come in!”

Then, there were a few people outside the door, Carried in.

And when Lin Fan saw the thing, his eyes suddenly shrank, because it turned out to be a coffin.

And it’s a coffin just dug out of the soil!

Dilapidated and dirty!

But Lin Fan looked nervous and walked forward in strides.

After seeing the name on the coffin, his head exploded instantly!

The tomb of the Song family!

This is his mother’s tomb!

Was actually scooped up!

He was tortured during his life, even after death!


Lin Fan’s eyes were completely bloodshot at this moment, and there was a dazzling blood red all over them.

Killing intent, crazy and raging!

Now he wants to kill!

“Who is it? Who did it!!!”

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