Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1799

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Chapter 1799

Xu You tolerated being humiliated, and his face flushed and argued:
“Why can’t we be here? We are also grandchildren of grandma, and now Lin Fan has a way to save grandma.”

Xu Dexiang, who was secretly wiping tears on the side, stood up and asked loudly .

“Lin Fan, is it true? Do you have a way to save grandma?”

Everyone looked at Lin Fan, waiting for him to answer, or waiting for his sophistry.

Lin Fan held the dark jade bottle of the resurrection pill in his hand.

“If you can live or not, you can see the difference with a single pill. Do you still have a choice?”

Wang Youcai’s expression became even more contemptuous, and he said angrily:
“Want to pretend to be garlic? I thought we could fool everyone with a trash thing. Do you think we are idiots?”

Lin Fan glanced at Wang Youcai:

“Others I don’t know, but you must be!”


Wang Youcai is so angry that this dead waste dare to insult himself?

Xu Yourong nodded firmly to Xu Dexiang and everyone:

“Yes, you all think Lin Fan is a waste, but I don’t think so! I believe his pill can save grandma, and I plan to try it too!”

Hearing this, Xu Dexiang just wanted to speak. Wang Yanli sneered: “If you didn’t take your broken pill, grandma might still be able to hold on for a day or two; if you take your broken pill, grandma then let’s go, will you bear the responsibility?”
“I take responsibility.” Lin Fan said with a smile.

Wang Yanli said angrily: “You take the responsibility? Can you take it, Lin Fan? That’s a life. If you died because of your broken pill, it wouldn’t be too much to send you to jail.”

At this time, Xu Dexiang looked at Lin Fan solemnly.

“Lin Fan, are you sure that as long as you take the pill you gave, your grandma can be saved?”

Lin Fan nodded seriously: “I can be sure, not only it can save my grandma’s life, and it can also extend her life for five years. If you can’t, you can send me to jail.”

Wang Youcai burst into laughter: “Hahaha, Lin Fan, This is what you said yourself, don’t regret it!”

He thought he laughed at Lin Fan, and the others would surely agree.

It’s just that he laughed too wildly. Not only did no one agree, but they all looked at him angrily, even Xu Dexiang looked at him dissatisfied.

“I, I don’t mean anything else,” Wang Youcai scratched his scalp awkwardly, “I said Lin Fan was bragging, there is such a magical pill, I am worried that he will harm the old lady. “

Xu Dexiang nodded vigorously: “Okay, Lin Fan, I believe in you, I will take the magical medicine you brought to your grandma right away!”

Wang Yanli blocked again. : “Dexiang, this is not a joke. If you think about it, who will take the responsibility if something goes wrong?”

Wang Youcai was also worried and said, “Yes, Dexiang, if you take the pills that Lin Fan brought, and your mother-in-law and her old man pass away, you will become the sinner who killed your own mother.”

“You all go out!” Xu Dexiang exasperated loudly,

“My mother was lying on the bed, seeing her life lost. You didn’t talk about trying to find a way, now Lin Fan has a way to save the old man, but you are still there. There is a lot of blockage here, get out of here!” After finishing he pushed and shoved Wang Yanli, Wang Youcai and others out of the ward.

Lin Fan opened the dark jade bottle, poured out the resurrection pill from the jade bottle, and placed it in Xu Yourong’s palm.

Over there, Xu Dexiang helped the old lady Jiang up and held it in his arms.

Xu Yourong carefully put the resurrection pill into her grandma’s mouth.

Xu Dexiang fed old lady Jiang a few sips of water with a paper cup, poured the resurrection pills into her abdomen, and then slowly helped her to lie down.

“Lin Fan, how long will it take to see the effect?”

Xu Dexiang asked in a low voice, he was undoubtedly the most nervous at this time.

He was afraid of himself and made a wrong bet!

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