Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1811

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Chapter 1811

The boxer rubbed his dizzy head and fought back with a grin:

“Master Ma, you don’t have diamonds, don’t do porcelain work. Deal with Lin Fan Is that a joke? Your bluffing is getting in the way there, and its light to trip you.”

Ma Baoyuan patted the coffee table in front of him and cursed.

“You, you are shameless!”

The boxer sneered: “I am shameless? I at least need to be shameless. You are so shy, come to cheat big and small money?!”
Huo Dongying waved his hand irritably: “Okay, okay, don’t bother you two, help me think about how to deal with Lin Fan, I don’t want to watch the beauty who is about to get it and fly away.”
The yellow-haired Sanda master lifted his cast calf and tilted it on the armrest of the sofa, grinning in pain.

He could not help cursing: “Master Huo, Lin Fan must die for that trash! He broke Lao Tzu’s leg, this hatred must be reported!”

Was beaten to a nose The Sanda master puts a lot of gauze on his nose.

He made an irritating suggestion: “Master Huo, I think you can ask a friend on the road for help, find someone to kill that kid secretly.”

Huo Dongying squeezed his chin, thinking about paying. Tao.

“Damn, that kid Lin Fan is really difficult, it seems that he can only go this way. Anyway, the young master has money, I will find someone to kill that guy, and then marry his woman. “

A cell phone rang, Huo Dongying grabbed the phone and saw that it was Wang Yanli’s number, and then answered the call.

He changed a respectful tone and asked.

“Auntie, are you looking for something to do with me?”

Wang Yanli is still staying in the teahouse, with Wang Yanli and others, calling over, just to get some news.

“Dongying, didn’t you find someone to clean up Lin Fan’s waste? Have you gone?” Huo Dongying pretended to complain.

“Auntie, I did find a friend to go over to my grandma’s side. Who knew that when I was about to clean up Lin Fan’s boy, Yourong ran over to stop her.”

Wang Yanli scolded angrily: “That death Girl, it’s really not enough, and it’s more than a failure! Isn’t it good for her, why doesn’t she get the hang of it?!”

“That’s right, auntie,” Huo Dongying said in a pitiful tone. “You allow her to stand in front. My friends and I were afraid of hurting her and didn’t dare to let go of their hands and feet. As a result, my friends were all injured by Lin Fan.”

Wang Yanli hurriedly persuaded her: “Dongying , Don’t be discouraged. As long as you are sincerely pursuing tolerance, sooner or later you will be touched by her. Then, you can be married.”

Huo Dongying sighed: “Alas, auntie, I really didn’t how much patience. However, listening to what you said, I think I should insist on persisting, and I hope to be moved sooner.”

Hung up the phone, Huo Dongying suddenly sneered.

Even Wang Yanli’s family is on his side now, even if Lin Fan is the genius doctor Lin?


At this moment, a report suddenly came from outside the door:

“Master, the Lin family please see you!”


In the lounge of the teahouse, Wang Yanli hung up the phone and said cursingly:

“Big brother, why did you say I gave birth to the stinky girl You Rong? It really doesn’t make me worry at all. “

Wang Youcai pouted: “No way, gorgeous. At this point, You Rong follows her father’s character, just a dead brain.”

Wang Zhijun on the side is anxious. Asked.

“Auntie, did they not succeed, Master Huo?”
Wang Yanli said disappointedly: “What can you do? Yourong that stinky girl mixed up in it, Huo Shaoye and others were injured by Lin Fan’s trash.”

Jiang Ke was upset. The man said: “Aunt, it’s not that I said Yourong. Look at our family, which one is worthy of Lin Fan’s rubbish? It’s just that you have the brains of tolerance, and even protect Lin Fan!”

“It’s not just you Rong who protect him,” Wang Youcai smiled coldly,

“It is Huo Dongying and the entire Xu family who are also protecting Lin Fan’s waste. But you don’t have to be angry and anxious, we will sooner or later. Let him pay the price.”

Wang Zhijun said sadly; “Dad, it’s not that simple. You see Lin Fan just saved the old lady’s life, but the old lady values him.”
“That fellow Huo Dongying is also true, a big group with a small boss, and he won’t find more people to go there and put You Rong aside, then you can just let it go and clean up Lin Fan?”

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