Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1835

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Chapter 1835

Li Xunran stood on the ground, slapped Wang Yanli and asked with a sneer.

“Please forgive me, don’t you?”

was slapped, but Wang Yanli did not dare to complain, because she knew that the little girl in front of her could not afford to provoke her, so she nodded repeatedly Said:

“Yes, yes, I beg you for forgiveness, I was wrong.”

This is a bully who is afraid of hardship!

Li Xunran took another step forward, waved and slapped Wang Yanli again, leaned forward and smiled and asked:

“I didn’t hear clearly, what did you just say?”
Wang Yanli thought it over, let alone slapped twice, she would have to endure a fat beating, as long as Li Xunran can calm down.

She nodded and smiled and said, “Miss Li, what I said is, I sincerely ask you to forgive me.”

Li Xunran raised her leg and kicked it over. Kicked Wang Yanli upside down.

“Hehe, what a joke!” Li Xunran’s fingers lying on the ground Wang Yanli, scolded:

“Just now I was scolded as a junior, the junior who was raised by Lin Fan. Where is your arrogant energy?!”

Wang Yanli grumbled and got up, puffed and knelt down in front of Li Xunran, slapped herself alternately with both hands, “pop, pop, pop” while slapped By the way:

“I’m wrong, I’m really wrong, I shouldn’t talk nonsense. I damn, please forgive me, Miss Li!”

Lin Fan pretended to be sympathetic and persuaded.

“Miss Li, I think you should forgive them. After all, he is a relative of my daughter-in-law, even if you give me face.”

Wang Youcai and Wang Yanli Suddenly, with a bitter face, he looked at Li Xunran beggingly.

Li Xunran gave a “cut”, nodded and said:

“Forgive you, you can promise me one thing first.”

“You said, as long as If I can do it, I will definitely agree!”

Wang Yanli said hurriedly.

Li Xunran “bang” grabbed Lin Fan by the collar, dragged him in front of her, and pointed her finger at him.

“Your daughter is the supervisor, right? Tell her, this employee, as long as I need it, even if I call or come to him during work hours, I have to let me go.”
Wang Yanli nodded immediately and agreed: “No problem, I must tell my daughter, as long as you come to Lin Fan, or call Lin Fan, she will definitely not stop her.”

Wang Yanli is disgusting!

She originally wanted to sweep Lin Fan out, but now it looks like it’s impossible.

And not only failed to expel Lin Fan, he was also forced to agree to the other party’s request. In this way, Lin Fan could become a free soldier in Washington D.C. Pharmacy.

But if you don’t agree, even if you move Xu Yourong out, you can’t do anything with Miss Li.

“Okay, okay, as long as you need it, Lin Fan can go anytime.” Wang Yanli agreed.

“Count you familiar!” Li Xunran smiled slightly: “Lin Fan, let’s go”

Li Xunran reached out and grabbed Lin Fan’s tie, turned around and put the tie on his shoulder, dragging Lin Fan Go outside.

Lin Fan was dragged staggered, trying to distance himself from Li Xunran’s body.

Watching the two of them walk out of Washington Pharmaceuticals, Wang Yanli stood up, and her cheeks were burning and her knees were a little painful.

Wang Zhijun next to him suddenly yelled uninterestingly:

“Aye, aunt, your face is swollen!”

Wang Yanli glared at Wang Zhijun and cursed: “I don’t know anything, you don’t need to say it!”

Wang Youcai stepped forward and said in a skeptical tone:

“Lin Fan guy, this is a good luck. Why, why did Miss Li’s family post it upside down and chase him?” When heard this, Wang Zhijun suddenly became angry, and said with extreme jealousy:

“Oh, man Comparing people, maddening people, I am much better than him, and no woman can see it. On the contrary, that guy is chased by beautiful women.”

“But I think it is Miss Li’s family. It’s just that the picture is fresh for a while. After playing for a while, maybe I will dump Lin Fan’s waste.”

“Well, it is possible.” Wang Youcai nodded and said:

“The eldest lady of the rich family is just like the brothers of the rich family. People who have capital and want to change men are not a matter of one sentence.”

“I care if he has gone shit. Fortunately, he caused me to be humiliated by Li Xunran like that, and I want him to die!” Wang Yanli yelled irritably.

“Damn, dead waste Lin Fan, I will never let you go!”

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