Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1847

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Chapter 1847

Hear the words!

Lin Hongtu had no choice but to give up, and then stared at Lin Fan angrily.

But at this time, Lin Zhanli smiled grinningly:

“Lin Fan, you can wait for half an hour, but your wife and family can’t wait for half an hour. It’s been a while.”

Lin Fan’s face sank, glaring at Lin Zhanli:

“What did you do?”

“Hahaha! Nothing! What to do is to order my men to rape your wife first and then kill!”

Lin Zhanyu laughed savagely, seemingly looking forward to the scene of Lin Fan becoming angry and embarrassed.

It’s just that!

He thinks too much!

Lin Fan still has a self-confident expression and doesn’t care at all:

“It’s a pity that your wishful thinking is going to fail!”


Upon hearing this, Lin Zhanli’s expression suddenly changed, saying in disbelief:
“What do you mean?”

This guy knows that his wife and children are dying, so he is not nervous at all?

“The person who called you, ask what the situation is!”

Lin Fan sneered. He wanted to see if Lin Zhanli could laugh. .

How could Lin Fan be so stupid that he didn’t arrange for someone to protect the Baiyi family?


Bai Yi is heavily guarded, and a fly can’t even approach it for half a step.

Nowadays, in addition to the blood prison, even the Dragon and Tiger Legion is secretly protecting them. Who can hurt them?

Lin Zhanli’s people are afraid that if they can’t get close even one step away, they will be shot dead on the spot!

And then!

Lin Zhanli also became nervous, and quickly took out his mobile phone to dial his own phone, but there was a heart-piercing scream from the other end:

“Young Master, Brothers are dead! The woman is ambushing next!”

“We’re done!”


Then, the phone was forced to hang up, the life and death of the people on that end are also uncertain.

Lin Zhanli was completely stunned!

Lin Fan actually set up an ambush before coming here!

The people who made him are wiped out?

How is this possible!

In order to deal with Lin Fan, he arranged a strong player!
“Are you pitting me?”

Lin Zhanli gritted his teeth with hatred. He didn’t expect that before he died, he would let him put a piece of this waste, which made Lin Zhanli disgusting.

This damn bastard!

“If you give me a big gift, then I have to give you a big gift too!”

Lin Fan sneered, and then stared directly at Lin Hongtu:

“I remember that I warned you that if you shoot me, you will have to kill me so that I don’t have a chance to turn over, but why don’t you listen?”

Hear it!

Lin Zhanli called a mad, cold snorted:

“Little beast, you won’t be proud of it for long! After you die, your wife and children won’t do the same in my hands? It’s just a matter of time!”

“Do you think I will feel bad when a few ants die?”

Ha ha!

Lin Fan sneered a few times, and then said astonishingly:

“Then if your 500 billion life-saving Lin family is gone, will you feel distressed?”


In an instant!

Lin Hongtu and Lin Zhan’s hairs suddenly stand up!

He looked at Lin Fan in disbelief.

This guy, how did he know that the Lin family had a loan of 500 billion?

They never announced this matter to the public. Only their father and son and Global Bank knew about it.

How did this guy know?

They have a bad premonition in their hearts!

“You…how did you know?”

Lin Hongtu stared at Lin Fan in horror.

But Lin Fan made an understatement:

“Because I gave you the loan!”

“By the way, I forgot to tell you Yes, I am the chairman of Global Bank!”

What the hell?

Upon hearing this, Lin Hongtu and Lin Zhanli were both stunned.

And then!

Puff! Hahaha!

The father and son burst into laughter frantically.

“You said you are the chairman of Global Bank? I think you are crazy, right?”

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