Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1848

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Chapter 1848

“You stupid, do you know how the chairman of Global Bank exists? It is a sentence that can dominate the existence of a small and medium-sized country’s economic system. Countless chaebol tycoons are just horses under his command.”
“What are you, dare to compare yourself with this kind of existence?”

They are all going to die for joy!

Isn’t this a joke?

Lin Fan, how can you do?

At this time, they are no longer nervous, because they all think Lin Fan is bragging.
Although this guy didn’t know how to learn about their loan, he guessed it wanted to blackmail them?

But how could they easily believe Lin Fan’s nonsense?

Is this idiot actually claiming that he is the chairman of the Global Bank?

This is a big hit!

Do you really treat them all as idiots?

At this time, both father and son are fully affirmed that Lin Fan must be playing mystery!


Right now!


Lin Hongtu’s cell phone rang suddenly.

Lin Hongtu frowned, then lowered his head to answer the call.

“Chairman, something is bad! People from Global Bank came to our company and asked us to repay the previous loan!”

“And it was six thousand and seventy-seven profit Ten billion!”


Lin Hongtu’s face turned black in an instant!

It’s only a month before Global Bank comes to ask for debt?

How can there be debts like this? Isn’t this showing that they are going to fall into trouble and deliberately pit them?

“Impossible! You must be mistaken!”

Lin Hongtu roared, unable to believe it was true.

How could Global Bank offend the Lin family for this money?

And if you do this, who would dare to ask them for a loan in the future?

This must be a mistake!

“Chairman, it’s true! They also brought people from the court, saying that if we don’t pay back today, they will directly sue us!”

It is in an instant!

Lin Hongtu’s heart was cold. They signed an unlimited liability loan. According to the law, Global Bank could indeed require them to repay all loans and interest from the Lin family at any time and under any circumstances.

But their Lin family now, how can they return the money?

This is killing them!

“What did you do? You little beast, what did you do?”

Lin Hongtu roared at Lin Fan. He knew that all of this must be related to Lin Fan. Otherwise it won’t be so coincidental.

“I said a long time ago that I am the chairman of Global Bank, don’t you believe it?”

Lin Fan sneered.

At this time, Lin Zhanli looked at Lin Fan in horror, and was completely frightened.

Isn’t what this kid said is true?

In other words, did Lin Fan deliberately set them up?

First Gaoli loaned them, and then suddenly recovered, just to make them the Lin family never turn over?

Hear the words!

Xu Longguan and He Lanxuan couldn’t help frowning, doubting the authenticity of Lin Fan’s words.

Can this kid have such a big background?

If this is the case, it would not be easy to move him.

“You fart! You don’t take a piss to show your virtues. How can a wild species like you be the chairman of Universal?”

Lin Hongtu roared, but didn’t believe it at all,

Lin Fan is too young!

He is only in his early twenties!

At this age, you want to dominate a global top ten company?

Why is he?

Even if he is, he has no such ability!

“He has no ability, do you have the ability?”

At this moment, a cold voice suddenly came from outside the door.

Lin Hongtu and Lin Zhanli looked back at the same time, and then they saw a woman in professional attire walking in stridely, with a touch of resistance on her face indifferent.

“Miss Rowling!”

When they saw her, both Lin Hongtu and his son were shocked.

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