Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1849

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Chapter 1849

Then, Lin Hongtu walked up quickly and said flatly:

“Miss Rowling, I heard that someone from your company has come to collect debts. Why is your Global Bank recovering the loan so quickly in just one month? Is this something wrong?”

The previous loan was obtained from Rowling, so she naturally knew this woman.

But Rowling glanced at him indifferently:
“It is not mistaken. After a systematic and professional investigation, our bank found that your Lin family was not eligible to obtain a loan, so it wanted to recover the original loan!”


Turned out to be true?

Lin Hongtu’s face suddenly became extremely ugly, and said angrily:

“Then you take back the loan, and you have to give us such a high interest. Isn’t it too much? “

Isn’t this deliberately cheating them?

Hear the words!

Rowling suddenly sneered:

“Mr. Lin, everyone is a business man, don’t you think what you said is too naive?”
“Since we have approved the loan, the interest has to be calculated from the day the loan is approved.”

“And you have signed an unlimited liability loan. Our Global Bank has under any circumstances and at any time, you are required to repay the loan!”

“This is completely legal and reasonable. After all, I forced you to sign the loan contract, didn’t you?”

Lin Hongtu was about to explode, and pointed at Rowling with trembling fingers. “You, you,” couldn’t say a word for a long time.

“Bitch, you dare to pit our Lin family, you are looking for death! We ask to talk to your chairman, I don’t believe that your chairman will be as conscientious as you!”
Lin Zhanli roared, this problem must be solved at this time, otherwise their Lin family will be finished.

Those five hundred billion are almost enough for the Lin family to operate.

At this time, the Lin family hasn’t gotten better, so how can there be money for Rowling?

“Want to find our boss? Yes!”

Rowling sneered, then looked at Lin Fan not far away:

“Xiao Fan, They are looking for you!”


At this moment, all voices are completely silent!

Everyone’s faces were filled with consternation, as if they had seen a ghost, and they couldn’t say a word.

Just staring at Lin Fan like this!

The eyes are full of horror and disbelief!

Is this a joke?

Lin Fan, really is the chairman of Universal Group?


Lin Hongtu staggered back a few steps directly, his old face was suddenly ashes!

The chairman of Global Bank is known as one of the ten richest people in the world, and such an existence is actually his grandson?

Lin Fan, not only has terrifying force, but also has unparalleled wealth!

If he were to lead the Lin family, what height would the Lin family go to?

It is simply unimaginable!

Lin Hongtu finally knew why the Lin family would lose out in repeated confrontations with Lin Fan, because this kid had hidden his true strength.

Chairman of Global Bank!

I have a banking empire in my 20s!

What a terrible thing is this?

If Lin Fan can make Universal Group and Lin Jiaqiang join forces, then it will not be said that the entire business community of China, even the global business community will have their place in the Lin family!

But now it’s too late to say anything!

They have offended Lin Fan to death!

And the consequence is that both sides will kill each other at all costs!

They are scared!

He is really scared!

In any case, Lin Fan cannot be allowed to live. He already hates them the Lin Family. If Lin Fan does not die, the Lin Family will really be destroyed.

At this time, both Lin Hongtu and Lin Zhanli also realized that they had made Lin Fan play the game thoroughly.

The 500 billion loan is simply a trap!

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