Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1830

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Chapter 1830

“Aunt and uncle finally got back together. As the saying goes, little don’t win the wedding, you may not be welcome at this time.” Jacob casually made an excuse.

Zheng Ling said: “What about Chenchen?”

Jacob said: “Chenchen has his father, so you don’t have to worry about it.”

Zheng Ling felt bored, “Then what should I do?”

Jacob He patted the chair in front of him, “Sit here and stay with me.”

Zheng Ling reluctantly moved to the front of Jacob, staring shyly at Jacob.

Jacob coaxed: “Read me the love poems?”

Zheng Ling covered her face with her hands. “

I’m so ashamed.” “Read it to me, Brother Jie will cook carrots for you.”

Zheng Ling thought for a while, and made up a temporary sentence: “I worship you like a god, omnipotent. And you love me like a child Spoiled into the bones.
Jacob wiped his mouth gracefully after eating.

Zheng Ling said leisurely: “I will spend my entire life and imprison you indefinitely. Waiting for you to die, be infatuated with you, and spend the day and night together.”

Then the shy Zheng Ling threw into his arms…

“Brother Jue.”

Jacob hugged her tightly, “I wish not to change in this life, but also wish you success in the rest of your life.”

Yan Zheng pushed the door in and saw Jacob and Zheng Ling hugging each other, and couldn’t help being dumbfounded.

“Fuck it, no. Who will show your love to you when no one is there?”

Zheng Ling quickly got up from the arms of Jacob and asked Yan Zheng curiously, “What are you here for?”

Yan Zheng said excitedly: “Lingbao, I have a great event to share with you.”

“Let’s talk.” Jacob said lazily.

“Fengxian’s belly moved.” Yan Zheng said excitedly.

Zheng Ling stared at him speechlessly.

Fengxian had noticed it some time ago, but Yan Zheng just couldn’t feel the child’s small movements. Now she is afraid that it is already a big move, Yan Zheng can realize the fun of interacting with children.

Jacob said coldly: “What do your baby’s fetal movements tell us? We don’t want to know.”

Yan Zheng said: “I know you haven’t experienced the fun of interacting with the fetus. But if you work hard, you still have a chance.”

Zheng Ling counted the days, and said, “Speaking of which, Fengxian’s belly is getting bigger day by day. It’s time to prepare for production.”

Jacob said: “Let Yan Zheng worry about it by himself.”

Yan Zheng said. Carelessly said: “It’s still early. I’ll accompany my family Fengxian to celebrate the Qixi Festival first.” When it comes to Qixi Festival, Jacob’s handsome face almost invisible changes. He is going to propose to Zhengling on the Qixi Festival.

All the marriage proposals have been prepared, but he doesn’t know if he can win Zhengling’s likes. So there was a little nervousness in my heart.

Yan Zheng asked Zheng Ling, “Ling Bao, how are you going to celebrate the Qixi Festival?”

Zheng Ling said

, “I’m wife, what kind of Valentine’s Day is there.” Yan Zheng immediately shouted, “You stupid girl. You have to remember that you are a woman, and women should use Valentine’s Day, birthdays, wedding anniversaries, proposal anniversaries…In short, all holidays are extorting a huge amount of wealth from your husband. You have a small vault and you want to buy some why don’t you ask for help?”

Jacob stared at Yan Zheng with a black face…

“Yan Zheng, don’t teach my family so secular!” He didn’t like the woman who calculated her husband’s property.

Yan Zheng said frankly: “Where is it? Of course, you don’t want me to teach my sister so that you can squeeze her as much as possible. You raised her as a cabbage when you were young, and you can’t bear to spend a penny on her. Don’t think I don’t know that capitalists are stingy by nature.”

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