Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1851

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Chapter 1851

Xu Longguan nodded:

“Okay, let’s work together let’s start, slay this wicked animal!”

Then, the two army seats walked over, shaking the mountain suddenly, and the steady footsteps made the entire Lin family seem to sway.

Lin Zhanli and his son laughed suddenly, Lin Zhanli said with a smile but not a smile:

“Lin Fan, what last words do I need to tell your wife and children? You can bring it to me!”

Just! Lin Fan didn’t even look at them, as if he hadn’t heard of it.

And just now!

Outside the door, there was a stern laugh:

“What’s so lively, it shocked the two military seats!”

He heard this familiar voice, whether it was Xu Longguan or He Lanxuan, they all shuddered together.

And then spontaneously looked back at the past with horror, and then saw the face they least wanted to see!


“Neon Phoenix Army Seat?”

When he saw Nihuang, let alone Xu Longguan, even Lin Zhanli was frightened.

Those eyes were full of shock and disbelief!

It seems that he can’t believe his eyes!

Is the Ni Phoenix Army really here?

She actually landed here in the Lin family?

Lin Fan, this guy, really has such a great ability to alarm such a terrifying woman?

He Lanxuan and Xu Longguan’s expressions instantly became unsightly!

They thought that Lin Fan was pretending to be forceful, but they didn’t expect that this guy actually called the Ni Phoenix Army Seat!

If things get involved in the army, it will be a big trouble!

Because once a conflict occurs, it is not just a personal conflict, but a conflict between an entire army, and the consequences are disastrous!

They didn’t expect that Lin Fan had such a great ability to call Nihuang.

And if Nihuang intervenes, they can’t really kill her, right?

Killing the army seat for no reason is a felony!

Even if they are like this, they are doomed!
Lin Hongtu took a very nervous step forward, and asked Nihuang with some anxiety:

“Nihuang Army Seat, shouldn’t you come for this waste?”
How scared she is, Nihuang is really here for Lin Fan!

That is a nightmare for them!


Nihuang glanced at Lin Fan and shook her head, then stared at Lin Hongtu:

“I just watch The Lin family is not pleasing to your eyes!” The first sentence of

Let Lin Hongtu and his son breathe a sigh of relief, but the latter sentence made them cry in fright.

The Ni Phoenix Army saw their Lin family not pleasing to your eyes?

But they have never offended the Nihuang Army!

After all, isn’t it for Lin Fan?

And hearing Nihuang’s words, Xu Longguan’s complexion instantly became unsightly.

The two said coldly:

“Neon Phoenix Army, are you going to stand up for this kid?”

And Lin Hongtu and his son are also extremely nervous generals. Nihuang stared, trembling crazily all over her body.

If this is true, it would undoubtedly be terrible news for them!

It’s just that!

Nihuang shook her head and said:

“Don’t worry; no matter how you clean him, I will never interfere!”

In other words, everyone present was relieved!
But they couldn’t understand. Since Nihuang didn’t come for Lin Fan, who called her here?

Xu Longguan still questioned uneasily:

“Then I don’t know what happened to the Nihuang Army seat here?”

The Nihuang Army seat clearly It’s guarding the border, and it’s not an exaggeration to describe it with all sorts of reasons. If it’s okay, why would you come to the Lin family?

Nihuang smiled mysteriously:

“I’m watching a good show!”

A good show?

Everyone was immediately puzzled, and felt the mystery hidden in the words of Nihuang.

“What’s the show?”

He Lanxuan’s face suddenly sank, and he noticed the arrival of Nihuang, which is by no means that simple.

Then, Nihuang’s eyes flashed with a killing opportunity:

“Look at how you die!”

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