Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1852

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Chapter 1852


At this moment, the atmosphere completely burst!

The Nihuang Army Seat came here to see how they died?

How is this possible?

Lin Hongtu and his son will not say, Xu Longguan and He Lanxuan are dignified Chinese soldiers, will they die?

Let alone China, who would dare to kill them in the whole world?

The words of the Ni Phoenix Army Seat are simply nonsense!

At the moment, Xu Longguan laughed directly, staring at Nihuang and said:

“Nihuang Army, it seems that you are really here for this kid. But do you think that if you frighten us with such a lie, we will let him go?”


Was it to scare people?

Lin Hongtu and his son were stunned at once. It seemed that the Nihuang Army Seat was indeed here for Lin Fan, but it was a pity that the tone was so loud that it was too much.

“In the entire China, besides the head of state is qualified to convict us, what else can we do?”

He Lan Xuan coldly hummed, see how they died?

Nihuang is too self-righteous, right?


Nihuang’s smile became more and more weird:

“What if, is the country’s chief punishment for offending you?”


Xu Longguan and He Lanxuan burst into laughter!

It seems to have heard a big joke!

Nihuang is really, the more you talk about it, the more you lose it!

Even the capital of the country has moved out!

“Neon Phoenix Army Seat, don’t you think this is funny?”

He Lan Xuan sneered:

“Will the head of the country still do this for this little boy?”

Helan Xuan sneered and said:

“If they are deflated, they will not be able to condemn them?”

Even if they kill Lin Fan here, they are afraid that the capital of the country will be regarded as not knowing anything, right?

“But what if you try to kill the Huaxia Army Seat?”

Nihuang asked rhetorically with a smile.

But Xu Longguan and others are still smiling:

“When did we kill the Huaxia Army? Nihuang Army, have we not done anything to you yet?”

Xu Longguan finished speaking, but his smile suddenly stiffened!

Then, as if seeing a ghost, he looked at Lin Fan in horror!


In the next instant, his whole body was shaking with horror, and he seemed to have seen a ghost at this time general.

Seeing Xu Longguan’s appearance, Lin Hongtu and others were dumbfounded. He doesn’t know why Xu Longguan’s expression suddenly changed!

And now!

Lin Fan smiled and took a step forward, saying:

“It seems that it’s time to introduce yourself!”

Followed closely, and he took out a black token from his arms!

“Sorry, I am Lin Zuo!”


Some words fall!

Like thunder from the sky!

Everyone in the court shivered!

Lin Hongtu’s father and son are almost paralyzed by fright at this time!
With endless astonishment in his eyes, he stared directly at Lin Fan with an unbelievable appearance.

Lin Fan, is Lin Zuo?

Their Lin family has been searching for a long time, but the Lin Zuo vainly attempting to cooperate with them is Lin Fan?


This is just a dream!


Lin Hongtu and Lin Zhanxi are completely crazy!

This is the most desperate thing they have ever faced!

If Lin Fan is the Lin Zuo, how would the Lin family deal with him?

How can they compete with the leader of a legion!

To know!

Lin Zuo, but China’s youngest and most mysterious army seat may become the commander of the three armies in the future!

Megatron China!

If they hadn’t known the Lin Zuo’s power and fear, how could their Lin family endure repeated humiliation and have to cooperate with them?

They finally understand!

Why is Lin Fan able to resolve the crisis again and again!

Why can Lin Fan not put his Lin family in his eyes!

It turns out that he is the mysterious forest seat!


Lin Hongtu suddenly slumped on the ground, and his face was suddenly ashes. At this time, he was completely desperate.

Lin Fan is not only the chairman of Universal Group, but also one of China’s four major armies!

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