Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1865

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Chapter 1865

And when the plane took off, Lin Fan saw a figure rushing not far came out.

It turned out to be Li Xunran, she shouted to Lin Fan with a cry of tears:
“Lin Fan, if you can come back alive! May I be your wife?”

She already knows the dangers of Lin Fan going here.

And Lin Fan just smiled and waved his hand, and said goodbye to her, but he didn’t know if he heard what she said.

Aside, Xu Yourong said grumblingly:

“Ms. Li, why do you think of such a thing and plan to be his mistress, don’t you think it is a price drop?” Obviously Xu Yourong is still agitated because of what happened before.


But Li Xunran directly slapped her and yelled:

“What do you know? What do you know? He is going to die, for the country Ah!”

Xu Yourong is stunned!

To die?

Lin Fan was actually going to die by plane?

What happened!


At this time, all walks of life in Jiangshi have been paralyzed!

All the residents of Jiangshi seemed to be mad, fleeing madly outside Jiangshi, fearing that they would be overwhelmed a little later.

They all already know what will happen next in Jiangshi!

It is not only the residents of Jiang City, everyone is now watching the port of Na Jiang City through live broadcast!

Look at the hundreds of super-giant ships!

Everyone’s hearts are pulled together.

And they also don’t understand, these foreign countries have assembled millions of people just to kill one person?

Who is that person?

And Bai Yi’s family is also waiting nervously in front of the TV.

Right now!

A helicopter descended from the sky and stopped in front of the two armies, and then a figure slowly walked off the plane!

And when she saw him, Bai Yi suddenly felt dizzy!

Lin Fan!

It is him that millions of foreign nations want to kill!

And Shen Yumei and his wife were already crying at this time.

It turns out that Lin Fan is going to die today!

No wonder they feel that Lin Fan is not right these days!

It turned out that he planned that way early in the morning, so today he will transfer all his property to Bai Yi.

The whole world is following!

When Lin Fan stepped off the helicopter, Li Xunran and Xu Yourong were already sitting on the ground, tears raining.

And Lin Fan patted his neck, and then laughed:

“What a great head!”

And then!

He strode forward, glaring at the millions of heroes in front of him:

“Today, China Forest Tower! In this town guarding the country, trespassers will be killed without mercy!! !”

These words immediately shocked people’s hearts!

Everyone in front of the TV is full of ecstasy!

The forest seat is turned out to be the most mysterious forest seat in China!

He is here!

“There is a forest seat here, we have no worries!”

“Hahaha, we have a fart, these idiots should run away next!”
And now!

The horn blows!

Countless military vehicles drove in crazy, neatly lined up!

Batches of well-trained armors are entering the stadium one after another!

Thousands of people!

Ten thousand people!

100,000 people!

And now!

Lin Hongtu walked out of a bow, staring at Lin Fan with bitter eyes:

“Unexpectedly, you dare to come!”

“But At best, don’t you have more than two hundred thousand people? With two hundred thousand enemies and one million, you are seeking your own death!”


Upon hearing this, the global audience was completely dumbfounded!

Lin Fan only brought 200,000 people?

Is this crazy?

Faced with five times the strength of the enemy, this is simply looking for death!

The enthusiasm that the Chinese people had just ignited was immediately wiped out by a basin of cold water.

Lin Fan was indifferent, with a contemptuous sneer at the corners of his mouth:

“Is it right? You have to try it before you know!”

Falling, shaking everywhere!

A team, madly rushing from a distance!

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