Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1866

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Chapter 1866

“Nalan family, willing to die for Lin Zuo!”

“All walks of life in Jiangbei, willing to be Lin I will die for Lin Zuo!”

“All walks of life in the south of the Yangtze River are willing to die for Lin Zuo!”

“Ten Chinese clans, willing to die for Lin Zuo!”


China’s overlords from all walks of life have entered the arena one after another!

The face is full of determination!

However, there is more to it!

“All the strong in Keshmar, would like to fight side by side with the King of the Blood Prison!”

“The Shadow Organization, follow the King of the Blood Prison to the death!”

“Twelve Kings of Killers, gathered in China today to scavenge for my King!”

Countless overseas forces have poured in!

And beside Lin Fan, one after another strong people appeared!

The number of people broke through 200,000 in an instant, approaching 300,000 away!

He is confused!

Lin Hongtu and Benjamin are already confused!
Lin Fan, he has obviously limited his troops, why is there such a terrifying appeal?

However, they don’t know!

As the King of the Blood Prison, Lin Fan does not only know how to kill!

Many of these are people who have been favored by Lin Fan!

Therefore, knowing that Lin Fan is in trouble, they came to support without saying a word.

Even if you die, you are not willing to follow!

“Can’t wait any longer, kill him immediately!”

Lin Hongtu said to Benjamin in horror.

He knows that if this continues, Lin Fan is very likely to overtake them.

And Benjamin also realized the seriousness of the matter and immediately roared:



A battle that can be called a masterpiece, broke out in an instant!

On Lin Fan’s side, all the strong knelt in front of Lin Fan!

“Pray my king, give an order!”

Lin Fan’s eyes sank, and then he waved his hand:

Domineering and majestic!

At this moment, people all over the world have seen what is real…


In an instant, there was a burst of artillery fire, and the earth was shaking!

The entire port is normal!

The smoke of gunpowder filled the whole Jiang City!

It’s desperate!

Everyone watched this fight in fear in front of the TV!

Because those who participated in the war included their children, parents, and friends, they didn’t want to watch them die!

At this time, Lin Hongtu smiled viciously. Given the number of people on their side, this was simply a crush.

Lin Fan, he is dead!

“Whoever takes the head of the King of Blood Hell will be the next new king in the underworld!”

Benjamin yelled.

Then, all the overlords have scarlet eyes at this moment!

Rushed towards Lin Fan!


Before they could approach, the mad god of blood hell had led his men and stopped in front of them.

There was a smirk on the face of the blood prison mad god:

“Hey, hey, don’t harass our king as soon as you come up!”

The other party was startled when he saw the mad god of blood hell, and then sneered:

“Only you, can you stop so many of us?”

The voice fell, and then he sneered. No more nonsense, the two sides suddenly fought fiercely.

While the temple still had the advantage, the others continued to rush towards Lin Fan.

“King of the Blood Prison, your head is mine!”

The leader of Hei Jiuyue roared and rushed directly to Lin Fan, and the two razors instantly pounced on Lin Fan’s head!

But Lin Fan didn’t even look at him. When the opponent approached, Lin Fan moved.

Next moment!

Everyone saw that Lin Fan pinched the head of the leader of Hei Jiuyue with one hand, twisted it lightly, and made a click.

The latter died! This scene of

Shocked many people!

A great master was strangled to death by Lin Fan with one hand?

Are they dreaming?

At this time, no one dared to trouble Lin Fan anymore.

Everyone realizes that they can’t kill this man who is known as the strongest man in the world by himself!

And soon!

Lin Hongtu and the others found something was wrong!

It is obvious that they have an absolute advantage in number, but why is it that they are attrition quickly?

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