Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1867

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Chapter 1867

And when they cast their eyes on the battlefield, they were horrified!

Because they saw that everyone on Lin Fan’s eyes didn’t have a trace of fear, there was only endless hatred and murder in their eyes!

Crazy charge without fear of death!

It’s like trying to wipe everything out!

“How could this be?”

Benjamin asked in disbelief that he had never seen such a brave soldier, as if he couldn’t wait to die.

At this time, Lin Hongtu smiled bitterly:

“These are the Chinese soldiers, they are never afraid of death! Each of them is a dead soldier!”
Hear the words!

Benjamin immediately glared at Lin Hongtu, then gritted his teeth and said:

“You already knew this would be the case, right? You are pitting me!”

It is a loss-making business!

Originally, he thought he would be able to get rid of Lin Fan by paying a very small price!

But now, it seems that Lin Fan will never give up unless he fights to the last pawn!

And he brought these million people, he might lose more than half!

In this way, the loss is huge, and he will have to accept sanctions after returning to China!

But Lin Hongtu laughed madly:

“Mr. Benjamin, I think you should also know that there is no free lunch in this world!”

“If you want to get something, you have to pay a certain price. As businessmen, we should calculate our own gains and losses before investing, don’tus?”


Benjamin now has an urge to kill Lin Hongtu!


Not only them, but even the forces such as Hei Jiuyue are also confused at this time!

What did they see?

A little soldier fills the muzzle with his body and fights for the opportunity for his brothers to attack!

A crippled soldier, obviously already seriously injured, staggered forward with a gun to die!

There is another one who is about to die, but still fights for the last breath to stab someone!

Who are these people?

A bunch of lunatics!

A bunch of neuroses!

Seeing this, Benjamin realized that something was wrong!

Hurriedly turned his head to look at a man, begging:

“Mr. Dragon, please take action to kill the King of the Blood Prison!”

“Otherwise, the loss of our temple is beyond measure!”


The strong man hidden in the temple!

And his strength is superb!

“Benjamin, this is the consequence of you underestimating your opponent!”

The man walked out of the shadows!

It is three meters tall!

The whole body is full of scary muscles, just like a devil muscle man!

The moment he saw him, all the people in front of the TV couldn’t help but breathe in air!

Is this still a human?

“Mr. Long taught me!”

Benjamin lowered his head and dared not refute.

Although he is the leader of the temple, he is completely dependent on this man to rank second in the world.

“The King of Blood Prison, let me verify whether you are the strongest in the world!”

The dragon roared and slammed on the ground!


With a burst, the dragon straddled dozens of meters away and headed straight for Lin Fan.

This scene stunned many people!

Do you jump dozens of meters?

This is such a monster!

“Something amazing is here! Get out!”

Lin Fan’s face sank, and he reminded the people around him.

Then strode forward, took the initiative to attack, and suddenly punched out!

Bang! ! !

A horror is the strong wind tearing the earth apart, Lin Fan was blown out immediately, vomiting blood on the spot!


The Blood Prison Mad God and others were already stunned. It was the first time they saw that Lin Fan would fall in the face of a head-on collision!

“The King of Blood Prison, but so!”

Long smiled contemptuously, with a hint of contempt at the corner of his mouth.



Lin Fan did not know why, and laughed wildly:

“Have fun! I have not been injured so badly for many years!”

“This is the first time I have played against a super strong guy, Dragon! You make me very satisfied!”

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