Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1868

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Chapter 1868

Very satisfied?

When the dragon heard this, he felt humiliated, and then roared sharply, and stomped on the ground suddenly, rushing over like a bull!

“The helper you got is sure to work?”

Lin Hongtu asked Benjamin with a smile.

“If he can’t do it, then we can withdraw our troops!” Mr. Long, but the strongest in the United States, if he can’t beat Lin Fan, then this they took the initiative to fail in World War I!

Benjamin has a confident smile on his face!


With the passage of one minute and one second, the smile on his face became more and more stiff and unnatural!

An hour has passed!

Lin Fan is still alive, but there are many wounds on the dragon’s body!

At this time, long was panting and looked at Lin Fan in disbelief.

He can’t believe that this guy is so resistant to fights. His body is even stronger by steel. What is going on?


The dragon was torn off an arm in full view!

Benjamin is desperate!

“Impossible, it is impossible! You…what kind of monster are you?”

The dragon roared hysterically, his eyes seemed to be looking at a devil.

Damn, he has never encountered such a terrible opponent in his life!

This guy is a crazy killing machine. Before he could kill the opponent, he It will never fall.

Lin Fan is already covered in blood and bruised all over!

But his eyes are still full of fighting spirit, and his eyes are like a dragon full of fierce murderous intent.

“Mr. Dragon, it’s nothing more than that!”


The dragon’s face suddenly became gloomy, completely furious, and roared to fight again.

At this moment, Bai Yi was almost dizzy when he saw Lin Fan was seriously injured, and tears flowed crazily.

“Don’t look at Bai Yi, be careful of the child in your stomach.”

But Bai Yi stubbornly shook his head, she wanted to know whether Lin Fan was alive or dead.

At the same time!

At the highest institution in China, all senior executives are paying close attention.

“Are we all wrong?”

An old man covered in medals asked.

The whole audience was silent, no one spoke, and everyone’s faces were full of guilt.

Was wrong, and it was very wrong!

Then everyone looked at the man sitting on the main seat, waiting for his command.

The man took a deep breath and yelled:

“Order He Lanxuan and Xu Longguan to support, mission objective: Save the national hero Lin Fan!”


An old man smiled bitterly and said:

“The two had lost contact half an hour ago Up. “


Everyone was in an uproar. The two armies they believed most blatantly rebelled, but Lin Fan, who was suspected and jealous by them, was dying for the country and fighting to the death. ?

“So courageous!!!”

An extremely angry roar resounded throughout the conference room.

At this time, the battlefield is nearing its end.

Lin Fan stepped on the dragon’s corpse under his feet, and his figure was crumbling.

“Kill him! Kill!!!”

Benjamin has already seen that Lin Fan is already at the end of the crossbow, and this is the best time to kill him.

How many people killed him by this gangster, still killed him. The strongest king of the United States, Long Yin hate, he will definitely die after returning to China.

But now, he wants Lin Fan to be buried with him!

At this time, looking at his grandson, Lin Hong’s face what a bitter smile on the face.

At this time, he actually admires the man in front of him!

If you hadn’t been abandoned by the Lin family back then, what height would you be now?

“My Lin family, there is no blessing!”

With a long sigh, Lin Hongtu committed suicide by drinking a bomb, still dying before his death.

Because he knew that he made an extremely wrong decision more than ten years ago, ruining the Lin family and ruining a true king.

In the face of those muzzles, Lin Fan still had a disdainful sneer on his face:

“Huaxia Linzuo, guard the country here today! Trespassers, kill No forgiveness!!!”

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