Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1869

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Chapter 1869

These words made the whole country sad. Everyone saw that Lin Fanna was ready to be generous. The appearance of heroic sacrifice can’t help crying in front of the TV, desperate for life.

“Who will save my country’s heroes, where is the Chinese army!”

“Why is he alone fighting alone, and the rest of the army?”
“Why is this, why do you want to watch him die?


However. Without waiting for them to think about it, the moment of despair arrived, and countless guns fired at once, and the endless gunfire instantly swallowed Lin Fan.




A cry of grief the roar of madness resounded, and everyone’s faces were full of pain.

At this moment, Bai Yi in front of the TV screamed directly after seeing this scene and passed out.

The overall situation is set!

Huaxia Forest Seat, die in battle!

But not long after Lin Fan was bombarded by artillery fire, the Dragon and Tiger Legion, the Northern Army, and the other two legions were late.

However, everyone in the country did not feel lucky at this moment, but felt extremely angry.

Why are you here now?

People are already dead, what use is there now?

But when the scene was chaotic, a fishing man suddenly appeared in the field and came to a scorched corpse.

“Boy, I didn’t say you can die!”

He said, he picked up Lin Fan’s body and slowly left towards the distance, not long after Disappeared in a cloud of dust.

He was the one who took Lin Fan ten years ago!

Lin Fan’s master, an old man with a mysterious origin!

A few days later, the dust settled.

News came out one after another. All the forces headed by the temple were annihilated by the four major legions. Benjamin was sent to a military court and executed soon after.

He Lanxuan and Xu Longguan were deprived of their ranks because of their disobedience. They were sent to prison and sentenced to life imprisonment.

And Lin Zuo died in battle, was buried in a national ceremony, and the whole country grieves!


And a few years later, he was in a certain town in China In the villa, a family is sitting in front of the TV watching the news.

“This year is Lin Zuo’s memorial day again. Today, five years ago, Lin Zuo died in order to defend the country. His heroic deeds will be sung forever!”

“Dad, from now on, I, Lin Haotian, will also be a great hero like Lin Zuo!”

A five-year-old boy said enthusiastically.

“Just you? Now you are still peeing your pants!”

The little girl next to her battered.

“Lin Chuyan, who do you say is peeing pants?”

“Just say you just say you, a little bit, I don’t know how to be ashamed!

Who would have thought that Bai Yi gave birth to a baby of dragon and phoenix?

And the face of the man in front of him is more mature and determined than it was five years ago. At this time, he is smiling and staring at his two children.

“Stop making trouble, or mother will get angry! After dinner in a while, I will take you to the amusement park!”

Yeah!! !

“Dad is the best!”

And now!

Bai Yi had already finished the meal and looked at her husband and children with gentle expressions, while Shen Yumei and Bai Shan also greeted them with kind expressions.


There is no forest seat in this world, and there is no king of blood hell!

Yes, it’s just Lin Fan, the son-in-law of the Bai family!

In this place, no one knows them, and no one will disturb them again.

The whole world thought that Lin Fan was dead!

After dinner, Lin Fan and Bai Yi took their two children to go shopping. The couple cuddled together, looking tenderly at the pair of children jumping.

This is the warmth they have never experienced before!

And this time!

A pair of mother and daughter passed by them, but the daughter stared directly at Lin Fan, and then said to her mother:

“Look, mom, he is that hero!”

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