Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 191

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Chapter 191

Curator Zhu Qing got shocked.

At first, he guessed that Shaun might be Master Blood!

However, he couldn’t imagine that Shaun might have other identities, and all were these big terrifying identities that completely scared the dignified second-in-command of the Tianlong Group.

“Quick! Everyone, look at the information pushed by the mobile phone! My God, Tianlong Group held a press conference!”


Suddenly, one of the guests screamed, all the other guests got confused, and then they took out their mobile phones!

They saw a message on their mobile phone!

Tianlong Group held a press conference:

‘Officially announced the dismissal of the group’s second senior leader Li Zhenghui! ‘


When all the guests here saw the message and looked at the crazy Li Zhenghui, their complexions changed completely.

“Grass! It’s really bad luck. It turns out that he was fired.”

“Not only he was fired, but also he was gone mad! Humph, he is useless at all, let’s go!”


All the awe and flattery on the faces of the guests disappeared, and they left.

Seeing the crowd, Lin Guangyao’s complexion became paler!

That’s it!

He never thought that a fiftieth birthday celebration party would cause such a disaster that his Li family will collapse instantly!

“Shaun, you bastard!”

Lin Guangyao couldn’t help but remember what Shaun had said before leaving.

Li Zhenghui must be finished today!

He couldn’t even think of it in his dreams, and Shaun was right.

“Damn fellow, you cursed my uncle! You wait for me, Lin Guangyao will not let you go, I must break your leg and let you kneel in front of me, and you will cry for mercy!”

The bitterness in Lin Guangyao’s eyes became more obvious.

After hearing this angry roar, curator Zhu Qing was about to leave, said with a deep pity on his face:

“I’m afraid it’s Lin Guangyao, I can’t imagine what a terrifying existence he provoked!”

Tianlong Group just finished its press conference and officially removed Li Zhenghui from the group.

This incident caused a sensation throughout Jiang City.

And in the conference room of Tianlong Group, the atmosphere is extremely solemn.

Every high-level person can feel an invisible pressure, making the cold sweat on their foreheads, ticking, and constantly flowing.


This is the first time they came to know today that the boss of Universal Group is in Jiangshi.

This news almost scared them to death.

They even knew that the reason why Li Zhenghui was expelled from the group was because he offended the BOSS, and even the Tianlong Group could completely collapse because of Li Zhenghui’s offence to Big Boss.

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