Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 192

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Chapter 192

On the first seat, Tianlong Xu’s complexion was gloomy, and his fingers kept tapping on the tabletop.

And every time it hits, it seems like a heavy hammer hits the hearts of many high-level people, causing those high-level people’s hearts to beat widely, as if they are about to pop out of their throat.


And when Tianlong Xu finally stopped tapping his fingers, he raised his eyes like a tiger, scanning everyone present there:

“Everyone get clear! Our BOSS, the master of Universal Group, is always here in our Jiangshi!”

“However, there are many people who didn’t recognize him and offended him!”


Tianlong Xu’s words, harsh and tyrannical, instantly made the faces of many high-level people pale.

It’s more than that!

Tianlong Xu’s eyes swept across all the people there, his eyes sharp:

“This time, our Tianlong Group was very likely to be shut down by the BOSS because of that bastard Li Zhenghui!”


This sentence even scared the seniors.

Universal Group is the world’s largest commercial aircraft carrier!

And Tianlong Group is just a small part on it.

If the Big Boss wanted, then all of us would be unemployed.

“Chairman, you have to do something for us, we can’t be unemployed, and we have to support our families. Tianlong Group is our life!”

“Yes, Chairman, let’s go to the boss! we must keep Tianlong Group, In any case!”

Suddenly, all the senior management panicked.

All of them were scared, almost crying.

Who can imagine!

The behemoth of the Tianlong Group, the big bosses of the Tianlong high-level, were so frightened by a single person.


Tianlong Xu sighed long.

He is not afraid.

If the BOSS says a word, let alone Tianlong Xu’s company, his life will be lost at any time.

Thinking of this, Tianlong Xu hesitated slightly, then clenched his fists, and said solemnly:

“Actually, I am not qualified to meet the BOSS!”

“But this time, for the Tianlong Group and for everyone who works here, I decide to take you to BOSS and ask him for forgiveness!”


This sentence made all the senior executives overjoyed, one by one they are dancing with excitement.

Then Tianlong Xu’s expression sank:

“However, you must remember that after meeting the boss, you can’t reveal a trace of information and identity about him to anyone!”

“Otherwise, the BOSS will be angry, then you and your family will all be buried with you for sure!”

Hearing this, all the high-level officials shivered.

They nodded one after another.

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