Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 219

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Chapter 219

Yang Minghao is still dreaming until now.

He couldn’t believe that his dad, who loves him the most, had beaten him up to death for the sake of this trash.


Shaun smiled slightly, but he did not answer.

Instead, Yang Jinshui walked up to the front with a painful face, and whispered to Yang Minghao’s ear:

“Xiaohao, because you have offended someone you can’t afford! Mr. Lin is behind the Tianlong Group…BOSS! You can’t afford to offend him at all”



When this word fell in Yang Minghao’s ears, his eyes instantly turned around, and a strong shock and disbelief was flashing in them.

How, how is it possible!

“BOSS? You, you are the BOSS? Impossible, this is absolutely impossible!”

Yang Minghao was mad, yelling as if he had been strongly stimulated.

Just seeing this scene, Shaun smiled more terribly:

“I never provoke others, but it does not mean that others can provoke me!”



Hearing these words of Shaun.

Whether it is Yang Jinshui or Yang Minghao, they only feel a bitter cold from the bones, just like the young man standing in front of them, not a human at all, more like a terrifying beast, and it seems that he can choose someone to eat at any time.

“Lin…Shaun! You, what else do you want to do? Am I not miserable enough now?”

Yang Minghao was completely panicked at this moment.

When he knew that Shaun was the Tianlong boss, he had completely kicked the iron plate.

This is the existence of terror that he and Shanda Group will never be able to provoke.

“Are you miserable?”

As Shaun said, his smile became more and more terrifying:

“If I didn’t show up in time, my wife would be miserable!”

“So, for the sake of atonement, I can only ask you to make changes!”


Upon hearing this, Yang Jinshui and Yang Minghao felt their scalp numb, and then under their horrified eyes, Shaun lifted the soles of his feet, and then stomped Yang Minghao’s crotch!


The sound bursts.

A trace of scarlet blood followed Yang Minghao’s crotch and wet his trousers. The screams suddenly resounded!


Yang Minghao rolled around in pain, his face was full of panic and despair:

“My nipples, no…I’m useless…”

The scream made people shudder.

And seeing this scene.

Elvira, Yang Tianrui, and everyone in the Bai Group were shocked.


My God, Shaun actually abolished his son in front of Yang Jinshui.

This is a simply horrible scene to see.

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