Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 220

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Chapter 220


In an instant, the employees of the Bai family group rushed up.

They looked at Shaun as if they were looking at an unforgivable sinner.

“Shaun, how can you do this? You have abolished Young Master Yang, are you looking for death?”

“Yeah, Shaun, how can you be so excessive? If Mr. Yang gets angry, not only he will kill you, but also it will be difficult to save the Bai Group.

“Excessive! Shaun, you are simply too much!”



At this moment, whether they were the main managers of the Bai Group or the ordinary employees, they were all panicked.

They were afraid that Shaun’s action would completely irritate Yang Jinshui, and then the Bai Group would be in a disaster.

Not only them!

Even Elvira’s face was pale with fear, she was about to scold Shaun angrily.

Just at this moment!

Shaun’s cold voice exploded:

“Shut up!!!”


A terrifying cold aura emerged from Shaun’s body, covering everything in him almost instantly.

At this moment, everyone’s voice stopped abruptly, they just felt like they had fallen into an ice cellar, and they were all over with ice and cold.

This is more than that.

Everyone saw that Shaun’s eyes swept over everyone present there with an indescribable threatening pressure:

“You don’t play benevolence and righteousness here!”

“If I was not here at that moment, what would happen?”

“If Elvira was insulted by him, what would happen?”


As soon as these words came out, everyone woke up in an instant.

That’s right!

Yang Minghao wanted to rape Elvira, but as a man, how could Shaun give up.

Not only that!

Everyone saw at this moment, Shaun’s gaze turned, staring at the Yang family and his son, and said Senran:

“I said, no one can hurt my wife!”

“If Yang Minghao dared again, then I will abolish him for sure!”

“And I will destroy the Shanda Group too!”


As soon as these remarks came out, it fell in the ears of all the surrounding Bai’s employees and instantly exploded the pot.

This guy is not ashamed, he is threatening to destroy Shanda?


This kid is absolutely crazy.

Everyone thought that Shaun was bragging and looking for death.

But they didn’t find it.

When he heard the word kill him’, Yang Jinshui’s complexion was brushed as pale as paper, and his whole body trembled fiercely, almost falling to the ground with fear.

if we assume!

Before him, because Shaun stepped on his son, there was a trace of anger and unwillingness.

So now that he wakes up, there is only a deep fear and panic in his heart.

He knew it.

Just a word from Shaun, any big boss in the Tianlong Group can wipe out their Shanda Group.

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