Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 221

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Chapter 221

Just when everyone around them accused Shaun of ranting, which would cause a disaster!

Everyone was surprised to find out.

Yang Jinshui has the shame on his face, came to Shaun and Elvira with a face full of horror, and bowed again:

“I didn’t teach discipline to my son, sorry Mr. Lin and Mrs. Lin!”

“I am here to apologize to two of you, and thank you Mr. Lin for teaching him!”



Like a frightened rabbit, Yang Jinshui took his son and got into the car with his men.

In the unbelievable sight of everyone, the cars left in a panic.


At this moment, all the managers and employees of the Bai Group were stunned when they looked at the grand cars that left their ass on fire.

What, what’s going on?

Just left?


After watching the cars of the Shanda Group, they left, everyone in the Bai Group was in an uproar.

Yang Minghao was beaten, but Yang Jinshui had no revenge?

Yang Minghao was deposed, but Yang Jinshui didn’t say anything?

And now, Shaun is not ashamed that he is talking about destroying the Shanda Group. As the chairman of the board, Yang Jinshui didn’t even put a fart, so he ran away with his tail?

How is this possible.

For a while, everyone was talking about it.

“What happened? How do you look at Yang Jinshui, he seems to be afraid of Shaun?”

“Fart! Didn’t you hear what Yang Jinshui said before he left? Thank Shaun for teaching my son? Why does he sound like an irony, threatening Shaun?”

“Yes! This is absolutely ironic. I feel that Yang Jinshui must be holding back his big move. He wants to tear down our Bai Group in one attempt!”

“It’s over! We all are in danger due to this Lin!”

After everyone’s discussion!

Almost everyone has determined that Yang Jinshui, chairman of the Shanda Group, said that “Thanks for the lesson” must be irony and a threat!

And he didn’t run away at all, he must be preparing to retaliate.

Thinking of this!

Everyone’s grievance against Shaun became even stronger:

“Shaun, do you think this is a good thing you did? Shanda Group will retaliate for sure!”

“That’s right! You get revenge alone and feel better, but you have harmed us and the group, you are a sinner!”

“The news will spread throughout Jiang City soon. We are afraid that there will be no one at that time. We are willing to cooperate with our Bai Group. We are… over!”

A pessimistic mood enveloped everyone’s hearts.

Even Elvira, her pretty face is full of complexity and worry:

“Lin…Shaun, do you mean that Shanda Group really wants to retaliate?”

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