Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 222

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Chapter 222

Elvira has heard of Yang Jinshui. This man is a cruel person who can go to any extent to take revenge.


In Elvira’s eyes, Yang Jinshui and Shaun did not have any friendship at all. This time, their Bai Group is going to suffer a lot.

Just hearing this!

Shaun smiled slightly:

“Don’t worry, he dare not to do anything!”

Dare not?

Seeing that Shaun was still so arrogant, all the employees of the Bai Group around him sneered.

They didn’t believe Shaun’s nonsense at all.

Then one by one they started to call around, asking for help or planning a way out.

At the same time!

The first thing is Shaun has beaten Yang Minghao, the son of the Shanda Group. The news has spread throughout Jiang City.

In an instant, the entire Jiang City was completely exploded.

Shanda Group is far from being comparable to Bai’s.

Especially Yang Jinshui is a famous man in Jiangshi.

And Shaun, he is just a useless son-in-law of the Bai family, who dared to beat his son.

‘It is rumored that Shanda Group’s Yang Jinshui has convened the group board of directors, seemingly discussing retaliation for the annexation of the Bai Group! ‘

‘Yang Jinshui appears in the first-class Hongda Group, perhaps preparing to join Hongda to attack Bai’s! ‘

‘According to Yang Jinshui’s cronies, Yang Jinshui has already mobilized all his connections and has gathered the five top-ranking groups in Jiang City, and the top ten second-rate groups to launch a devastating business attack on the Bai family! ‘

This piece of news is like a terrifying earthquake in the business world.

And when this news reached the Bai family! The entire Bai family got completely exploded.

Headed by Mr. Bai, uncle Haibai, and the seniors of the Bai family, immediately began bombarding Elvira with phone calls and text messages.

And these calls and text messages have only one content!

Elvira and Shaun, come home as soon as possible!

After hanging up the aggressive call from Mr. Bai, Elvira couldn’t help but feel a touch of bitterness.

That’s it!

She knows that her career as a president has come to an end.

“Regret it?” Shaun’s face didn’t have the slightest worry, and he looked at Elvira with a smile.


Elvira shook her head. She looked at Shaun with tenderness:

“Shaun, you beat Yang Minghao for me!”

“Although, I also feel that you are a bit too radical, you are my husband. Anything you do, I will bear the consequences with you, even if I have to step down as the president of the Bai family, even I got expelled from the Bai family!”

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