Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 233

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Chapter 233

And just in the sight of them looking forward and worried.

Xu Yangsheng, Fei Yong, and Zhou Shengchang, the three big bosses, led Wu Ya, nearly a hundred business bosses in suits and shoes, all together walked into the Bai’s door.

Da da da!

At this moment, a big man in suits and leather shoes stepped forward.

And now that it appeared, there were as many as a hundred people.

“Oh my god, Xu Yangsheng, my idol, he actually came to our Bai’s house, it’s incredible!”

“Yes, and Fei Yong! Last time, Uncle Haibai went to their group and waited for three hours, but in the end, he not succeeded to meet him!”

“What happened? How our Bai family got able to attract so many bosses!”


Many Bai family members talked a lot, and everyone’s face flushed with excitement and happiness.

Especially Bai Yan!

She is now the new group president, only the 3 billion sky-high orders sent by Yang Jinshui is enough to give her a rich resume and glory.

It can be said that the first beneficiary of the big gift Yang Jinshui sent was her.

Bai Yan’s pretty face is flushed with excitement.

And Haibai and others next to her also complimented with envy:

“Hahaha… My niece, you are really lucky. You just took office and got the biggest order in the history of Bai Group! Congratulations! Congratulations!”

“Bai Yan, you are indeed the destined daughter of Bai group! As soon as Elvira left, you immediately made our Bai family prosper!”

“Haha…that Shaun, he said without any hesitation that we would beg Elvira? How about it? I think Elvira will beg now, and she won’t be able to join our group!”


That’s it!

Bai Yan, Haibai, and other high-level officials burst into laughter.

In their eyes, Shaun’s words were completely a joke.

It’s more than that!

The next scene made them even more excited and almost fainted.

“Hahaha…Mr. Bai, Xu Yang, I am eager to give you a gift!”

The gangster Xu Yangsheng took the lead to come to front of Mr. Bai. He gently held Mr. Bai’s hand and said excitedly:

“Hey… I really didn’t expect that there is such a giant dragon hidden in your Bai family!”

“If I had known, the last time when Haibai came to our group I would have met him even if I was busy!”

While talking, Xu Yangsheng’s face was ashamed.

Not only that!

He also looked at Haibai, nodded, and seemed to apologize for his previous actions.

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