Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 234

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Chapter 234

Haibai trembled with excitement.

This is Xu Yangsheng!

Apologizing to him, this… this is simply unimaginable.

However, Mr. Bai got sensitive to hear the word great dragon’, he got amazed and then asked curiously:

“Xu Dong, I don’t know what dragon you are talking about…”

Mr. Bai was completely confused at this moment.

Why didn’t he know that their Bai family still hides a giant dragon, and this giant dragon can let Xu Yangsheng who is such a big man apologize to his son?

“Hahaha… we can’t reveal, we can’t reveal!”

Xu Yangsheng smiled but didn’t directly say ‘Mr. Lin, changed the subject and said:

“Mr. Bai, this time, our group intends to form an alliance with your Bai family!”

“This is an overseas order, worth 1 billion U.S. dollars! The profit generated is 80% for Bai’s and 20% for us!”


Xu Yangsheng’s words made everyone in the Bai family shocked again.

One billion US dollars, this is more than seven billion Chinese coins.

Eighty percent is more than five billion!


At this moment, all the Bai family members took a breath, almost unable to believe their ears.

But the segment of shocks has just begun!

Fei Yong, Zhou Shengchang, and other big bosses also stepped forward and said enthusiastically:

“Mr. Bai, our Changsheng Group has just received a large order worth 2 billion yuan, and we also want to seek your Group’s cooperation!”

“And I have a group super project under the name of Fei Yong, and I am going to develop it together with the Bai Group, and Bai’s profit will be nine!”


Sentence after sentence!

Constantly resounding within the Bai family.

And every sentence carries a superorder.

This made the hearts of Mr. Bai and every other family member’s hearts beat violently, almost reaching to the throat.

In particular, the value generated by the order!

From more than two billion, soaring to seven or eight billion, and after that, breaking through ten billion!


From Mr. Bai to the servants of the Bai family, they all are in shock to hear about these huge orders.

They believe that if the Bai family got able to complete all these orders!

Then, the Bai Group will break away from the second-rate forces and become a first-class top consortium, or even a giant consortium!

Thinking of this!

Haibai, Bai Yan, and others are so excited that it is difficult to hold on.

Only Mr. Bai!

For some reason, his heart is beating fiercely at this moment, and the anxiety and worry in his heart are getting more intense.

How could this be……

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