Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 235

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Chapter 235

Mr. Bai has seen many ups and downs in his life. At this moment, he is not dazzled by the pie falling from the sky but is full of endless doubts.



Still 90%!

These big men who came to make deals with their Bai family, in which Bai family accounts for nine and they accounts for one!

This is definitely not normal business cooperation, but it is more like these big bosses are in favor of the Bai family and please the Bai family!

It seems that the Bai family has someone who has caused fear for them.


Mr. Bai quickly asked Yang Jinshui:

“Yang…Dong Yang, who are you looking for?”

Grandpa Bai didn’t believe that Xu Yangsheng would come to their house in person.

After all, his family has no comparison to Xu Yangsheng.

Here comes a big guy who is stronger than the Bai family, how could he take the initiative to come.

The only possibility is Yang Jinshui!

“That’s right!” Yang Jinshui did not conceal, and admitted openly, smiling:

“Xu Dong and these all are all invited by me! I just briefly explained the stakes to them, and they came in person one by one!”

“I didn’t force them to come!”



Mr. Bai became more confused.

He couldn’t figure out what interest a big boss like Xu Yangsheng has in his little Bai family?

Could it be for… Shaun?

Yang Jinshui didn’t want to destroy the relationship with the Bai family but wanted revenge.

Then only give the Bai family a sweet date, and then let the Bai family take the initiative to hand over Shaun?

Although Mrs. Bai couldn’t understand a little, for them, there was only such an unreasonable explanation.

“Baishan! come here!”

Suddenly, Mr. Bai shouted at the corner.


Yang Jinshui’s complexion changed when he heard this name.

He is Mr. Lin’s father-in-law!

Before it was because he threw a ball of toilet paper into Baishan’s bowl, Shaun almost killed him.

And now…

Almost subconsciously, Yang Jinshui wants to greet Baishan.

Only the following words from Mr. Bai made Yang Jinshui like a lightning strike:

“The third child, don’t you still kneel down to apologize to Mr. Yang! It’s all your trash son-in-law’s fault!”

Kneel down to apologize?

Trash son-in-law!

Damn… Damn it!

Hearing these words from Mr. Bai, no matter it was Yang Jinshui or Xu Yangsheng and other big men, their bodies trembled with fear.

Who would dare call Mr. Lin a trash son-in-law in this city?

Isn’t he special, he is obviously the ultimate BOSS.

Right now, Yang Jinshui only felt his scalp numb for a while and wanted to stop him.

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