Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 239

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Chapter 239

At the moment, Bai Yan anxiously said to her father-in-law Ma Hong:

“Dad! Hurry up, please help me with Mr. Yang, our Bai family is treating the third uncle’s family like this because of Mr. Yang!”

“Now, only Mr. Yang and Mr. Fei can speak to Chairman Xu! Please make them sure to talk for us!”

In Bai Yan’s voice, there was a deep eagerness.

She couldn’t imagine the Bai Group been blocked.

But now, only big men like Yang Jinshui and Xu Yangsheng are qualified to talk to Tianlong Xu and persuade him to take his decision back.


Before Yang Jinshui and others had given the Bai family super orders one after another. Bai Yan believed that these people would stand by them.

Hearing this!

Ma Hong also felt his scalp numb for a while, but he was already struggling to ride a tiger and had to stand up with his scalp.

After all, if the Bai family fell, his life would not be the same, he will also suffer to death.

Thinking of this!

Ma Hong hurriedly came to Yang Jinshui, and then whispered:

“Mr. Yang, can you and Mr. Fei, together persuade Chairman Xu to take his decision back! After all, this is because of Shaun, so I made Baishan bow down and apologize to you!”

Ma Hong pleaded.

Just hearing this!

Yang Jinshui only felt his knees soft, and almost fell on the ground.

“Ma…Ma Hong, how did you arranged for Baishan to kneel and apologize to me?”

Yang Jinshui’s eyes widened, staring straight at Ma Hong as like he has seen a ghost.

“Yes! Manager Yang!”

Ma Hong was puzzled. He didn’t understand why Mr. Yang was so surprised.

Shaun beat Yang Minghao, and you hated the Baishan family the most.

In particular, you mobilized people and lead them to come here, isn’t it just to punish the Baishan family?

“Mr. Yang, is there anything wrong? After all, Shaun has beaten Young Master. Although there is no way to hand the trash to you now, so his father-in-law Baishan is here, just punish him and make vent your anger!”

Ma Hong hurriedly explained.

And hearing this, Yang Jinshui suddenly felt his scalp burst.

Calling Shaun a waste?

Let Baishan kneel?

Woof! Woof! Woof!

Yang Jinshui got almost frightened by Ma Hong’s words. He got furious, and the look on his face instantly became savage!


He slapped Ma Hong’s face severely, Ma Hong fell to the ground.

“You were fired from Shanda Group, there is no such thing as an eyeless dog like you!”

Yang Jinshui’s words are almost hoarse!

When he heard this, Ma Hong got stunned, and Bai Yan also got stunned to see this…

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