Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 242

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Chapter 242

“Dad! What should we do? Tianlong Xu must have gone back to arrange it. And all the groups will block us and not a single group will cooperate with us, and it will be a complete disaster for us!”

Haibai was completely panicked at this moment.

If the Bai family fell, it would be the fall of the tree, and Mr. Bai would also become a joke in everyone’s eyes.

Not just Haibai!

Bai Yan looked at her Grandpa with a pale face.

All high-level officials and backbones of Bai Group looked at Mr. Bai.

Now, perhaps only Mr. Bai can save the Bai family.


Mr. Bai’s gaze is full of complexity, looking at a person in the corner!

That is Baishan!


At this moment, all the Bai family members completely reacted to panic.

That’s right, Baishan!

He is the savior of the Bai family.

Suddenly, almost all the senior leaders and elites of the Bai family rushed to the Baishan, one by one, “putong” and “putong” knelt on the ground, and started begging:

“Baishan, you know Tianlong Xu, you can talk to him! We request to you, please persuade Tianlong Xu to take his decision back!”

“Baishan, we used to be scumbags, we were despicable, now please save the group, save the Bai family! We can’t lose this industry!”


At this moment, there are more than a dozen senior members of the Bai family kneeling in front of Baishan and his wife Paula.

Especially everyone was crying and begging.

Seeing this scene!

The hearts of Bai Shan and Paula got extremely complicated.

They are those people who humiliated them, mocked them, and even forced them to apologize to Yang Jinshui before ten minutes.

And now…

One by one kneeling in front of them.

“Is this human nature?”

A wry smile appeared at the corner of Baishan’s mouth, and he became more and more disappointed and angry towards the Bai family.

“Third brother! You can help us!” At this moment, Haibai begged.

Bai Yan on the side also begged.

Even Mr. Bai, after a change of expression, said to Baishan:

“The third child, don’t hate me or the Bai family! This time, please help us!”

Help Bai’s?

At the corner of Baishan’s mouth, the wry smile grew stronger:

“Dad! It’s not that I don’t want to help, but it is that I can’t help at all!”


Hearing this, Mr. Bai and others got shocked:

“Didn’t Tianlong Xu came to discuss cooperative measures with you? Why can’t you help?”

Everyone’s gaze at Baishan was filled with doubts.

They know that Baishan will not lie!


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