Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 241

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Chapter 241

Every big boss one after another stood up and announced their reservations!

And the meaning of each sentence is almost the same!




For a while, the Bai family seemed to have become the common mortal enemy of all the big Groups of Jiang City. Every big group issued the cruelest and brutal ban on the Bai family.



After hearing a sentence of banning, some of the senior leaders of the Bai family could no longer stand the stimulation and blow, and they all went black and fainted.

Even Haibai and Bai Yan were frightened and fell to the ground.

How could this be?

No one in the Bai family can figure out why Yang Jinshui and others scrambled to send super orders one after another, warm and pleased, but in a blink of an eye!

These people regarded the Bai family as their greatest enemy!

Not only that!

At this time, all the Bai family members remembered what Shaun said before leaving:

“Next time, when you will come to beg my wife, everyone except Mr. Bai will have to kneel!”

In the Bai family, the depressive atmosphere is suffocating.

Tianlong Xu, Yang Jinshui, and others have left, but their banning order still echoes in the ears of every Bai family.

“No… our Bai family is over! Tianlong Group, Shanda Group, Hongda Group… these behemoths are going to block us, that’s it, we are finished!”

“Why this happened? At first, Yang Jinshui and the others were here with super orders?”

“Who bastard asked Elvira to leave her post! If Elvira had not resigned, then not only Yang Jinshui and others’ super orders were our, even Tianlong Xu would have signed tens of billions of orders!”

“Yes! Which bastard made Bai Yan the president?”


At this moment, the core and high-level members of the Bai family slammed their chests and resented themselves.

after all!

If Elvira would have not resigned, then the Bai Group would have received nearly 20 billion astronomical orders.

With these orders, their Bai family would develop into a giant family in Jiangshi.

But now…

Not only did the Bai family’s 20 billion orders went to waste, but they were also even banned by the entire Jiang City’s big groups. The decline and bankruptcy are the future for Bai Group.

Hearing the curses.

The corners of Mr. Bai’s mouth twitched again and again.

Elvira’s resignation was approved by him.

And he appointed Bai Yan as the new president.

But now, the reality has given him a big slap, making him regret it.

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