Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 276

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Chapter 276

Can you draw fewer generations? Is the workload huge?

“There is no need to draw down, and there must be no less one up.”

Guan Xiao wiped his sweat and was happy for less than a second before he realized that the president had played a cold joke with him.

Faith is so young, how can she have offspring to check?

Guan Xiao returned to Jacob after completing the inspection procedures.

Jacob asked, “A few days to come out?”

Guan Xiao raised three fingers.

Genetic testing is inherently cumbersome, and many hospitals require half a month, as short as a week.

Guan Xiao won three days and still took advantage of his supernatural power.

But Jacob was still very dissatisfied, “Too long.”

Guan Xiao wrinkled a bitter face, “President, this is not Media Asia after all, we have to follow other people’s rules.”

“Then add a genetic testing department in Media Asia, you can handle this.”

Guan Xiao looked up to the sky speechlessly.

Why should he find something to do for himself?

Coming out of the testing center, Jacob raised his wrist and looked at his watch, it was still early.

“Guan Xiao, drive and go to the studio.”

Guan Xiao looked at the president in disbelief that was the place he hated to go before.

There are so many beautiful stars in the film and television city, and those two generations of dude and rich like to hang around there. Because it is easy to hunt-Yan succeeds.

The president of their family is a mudslide in the rich second generation. When a woman enters him within ten steps, he feels sick and vomits.

Those who don’t know think he has a stomach attack, and those who know think that the president deserves to be alone.

However, the Wannian Iron Tree finally bloomed.

Guan Xiaohuan drove out of the car happily, and drove the president to the movie studio.

“President, let me tell you that the movie studio is very lively recently, and several major crews are shooting in the movie studio. I heard that there are a few popular little flowers, we can feast our eyes.”

“Speaking of which, you are not too young, who do you like? I’ll give you the shot!” Jacob said.

Guan Xiao said hehe, “I like them all. But I don’t want to marry them home. President, I can inquire about it. The woman desperately acted for you before marriage, and was gentle and considerate to you. Waiting for you to marry her. , She will show her fierceness, crying, making troubles and hanging up to eat you to death.”

“Too terrifying.”

Guan Xiao shivered, “I will never get married in my life.”

“Wait for you to meet someone you really like. You won’t say that.” Jacob said.

The car drove into the outdoor base of the studio, Jacob looked out of the car window intently through the car window.

“Guan Xiao, stop.”

In a corner of the film and television base, Grace and Janice were sitting on an anticorrosive wooden bench.

Wearing dreamy clothes, wearing a crown, and holding a magic wand, Faith is playing the famous scenes in the movie.

“Father, your mind is so open-minded, but why is your love only willing to give to my brothers, and you are not willing to give me alms?”

“Even a trace, why are you not willing?”

Faith will be helpless and desperate, anger and sadness will be vividly interpreted.

“Okay. The acting is really good.” Janice stood up and applauded.

Jacob looked at the shining little girl in the center of the stage through the window, feeling a little lost in his heart.

Why is such an excellent Faith not his daughter?

Irene has lost the ability to bear children, and he will never have his own daughter.

This will be the greatest regret in his life.

Guan Xiao looked at the beauties ahead, then looked at the president, and sighed.

After finally coming to the film and television city, the president wouldn’t just be stuck in the car like this?

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