Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 275

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Chapter 275

There is no silver three hundred tales here!

Grace hung up the phone hurriedly, afraid that Janice said too much wrong. Pick up the rest of the milk and slurp it up a few times, for fear that Jacob will torture her and slip faster than the mouse.

“Faith, eat faster, don’t let my aunt wait too long!” Grace told Faith after running upstairs.

Looking at Faith, Jacob suddenly stretched out his hand and patted her on the head, “Come on! Uncle wish you every success.”

Slender fingers slid over the dark soft hair, and a few thin, long hairs entangled his fingertips.

Jacob clenched his fists.

Faith dropped the bowls and chopsticks, took out the soft cotton tissue and wiped her mouth, and made a grimace at Jacob, “Thank you, uncle. Don’t worry, I will succeed. When I make a lot of money, I I want you to be my mommy. Humph.”

Jacob: “…”

The delicious breakfast suddenly became dull.

Is this little bun really good at his madness and not paying for his life?

When Grace and Faith left, both Jason and Derek gave Faith a big hug.

Jason: “Come on!”

Derek: “I will miss you!”

Grace glanced at Jacob, “Master Zhan, then let’s go first.”

“Be careful on the road.”

After Grace took Faith out of the calendar garden, Jacob looked at Derek and Jason, “Daddy is going to leave for a while. You two little ghosts are staying at home, what you want to call Daddy. Ok? “

Jason nodded.

Little Master Derek said, “Don’t worry, father, I will take care of Jason.”

Jason said: “I don’t need you to take care of me.”

Derek said, “Are you afraid of monsters?”

“Not here.” The expression on Jason’s face was excited.

Derek can bend and stretch, “Then you take care of me. Is it all right?”

Jason nodded, “It’s pretty much the same.”

Jacob patted the heads of his two sons, “Take care of each other. Wait until Daddy comes back.”

Then he went upstairs and changed into his suit. The cold breath of Jigu was wrapped in the tailored suit, which was daunting.

After half an hour.

Jacob appeared at the genetic testing center.

Guan Xiao hurried over after receiving the call from the president, and arrived at the testing center earlier than Jacob.

After the two people met, Jacob handed a few hairs tightly sealed in plastic bags to Guan Xiao’s hands, “Take them for testing immediately.”

Guan Xiao burst into sweat.

I don’t know why, but he always feels that the president is getting worse and worse on the road of high-ranking bosses. Since Grace reappeared in the world, the president was taken up by Holmes.

“What is this?” Guan Xiao asked curiously.

Jacob looked at him like a fool.

“I know this is hair. Whose is this?”


Guan Xiao stared, “Does Grace know?”

“If you dare to let her know, I cut your tongue and feed the dog.”

Guan Xiao covered his mouth. “President rest assured, I will never say it. But what is the purpose of testing Faith’s genes?”

“It’s not that you are useless. After checking for so long, no information about Grace’s ex-husband can be found.” Jacob handed Guan Xiao a dissatisfied look.

Guan Xiao immediately bowed his head.

“After Tongbao’s genetic test results come out, you take it to the gene bank and look for it. I want her family tree.”

Guan Xiao was sweating coldly, “President, how many generations are you going to draw?”

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