Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 274

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Chapter 274

Grace looked at Jacob sadly, “Master Zhan, those who fall in love with you must bear your contempt and hurt. Isn’t it pitiful?”

Jacob: “…”

Grace turned and walked upstairs.

Jacob suddenly pulled her into his arms, hugged her tightly with his hands, his voice hoarse, “It won’t be anymore.”

Grace was shocked.

“Let go of my mommy.” Faith suddenly appeared, holding a toy gun, and pointed at Jacob’s orders.

She saw Jacob lose his temper and beat others just now, fearing that he would hurt Mommy, so she ran into the house to dig out a sniper toy gun and came out as the savior.

Grace pushed Jacob away, not laughing or crying.

Jacob’s face turned black.

Why does this guy always spoil his good things?

A “drug scheme” is brewing in my heart.

“Faith, do you want to be a child star?”

Faith’s eyes burst into light, “Is it a child star like Shirley Temple?”


Faith, who loves acting, didn’t realize that this was the plan of the black-bellied “bad uncle” to separate her and mommy.

“Good!” Faith cheered happily.

Seeing that the situation was wrong, Grace quickly guided her daughter correctly, “Faith, filming is very hard.”

“But I can make a lot of money. At that time, Mommy won’t have to send someone to the fence and be bullied by Uncle Zhan!”

Jacob: “…”

I was determined to send her plan away.

“When filming, you still live in the crew. For a long time, you may not see Mommy and brothers.”

Faith put her arms around Grace’s neck and said softly, “Mommy, time flies quickly, I will be back soon.”

Grace’s eyes were red, and she choked, “What should I do if Mommy misses you?”

Faith sighed on her face, making it difficult, “Mummy…”

Jacob was dumbfounded, never dreaming that the person who fell into separation anxiety was not Faith, but Grace.

“Since you are reluctant, then forget it.” Jacob said.

But Grace is a very enlightened parent.

Grace sniffed, “Faith, do you really want to be a child star?”

“Yes, Mommy.”

“Then, tomorrow, Mommy will ask Auntie to take you to the audition, OK?”


Jacob looked at the innocent Faith with a particularly mixed mood.

The next day. Janice was invited to the Calendar Garden to pick up Grace and Faith to audition.

However, Janice parked the car at the turntable a few hundred meters away from the Calendar Garden and called Grace.

“Sister-in-law, I am waiting for you at the turntable!”

The family was having breakfast, the mobile phone forgot to turn off the speakerphone, and Janice’s decision not to enter the calendar garden stunned everyone.

Jason: “You must have done something wrong again and dare not see people.”

Janice roared, “I haven’t done anything wrong? I just don’t want to see your Daddy Bingshan during this period of time.”

Derek: “Auntie, we miss you very much, and Daddy misses you very much. Come in and see us!”

“Derek. Just think about me. Tell your daddy and let him miss me. I think I must be fine.”

Grace probably guessed why Janice avoided Jacob, and said to Janice apologetically, “Janice, it’s hard for you.”

Janice said very righteously, “Sister-in-law, don’t worry, I would rather be dumb than betray Faith’s life experience.”

Jacob drank the milk elegantly, his eyes that were as dark as the sea exuded a faint light.

His emotions are really unpredictable.

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