Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 273

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Chapter 273

Grace walked to the side of Jacob in fear, and sat down gently.

Bai Nanning suddenly stood up and bowed to Grace, “Miss Luo, I’m sorry about what happened last time, I hope you can forgive my reckless impulse.”

Grace looked at Bai Nanning in amazement, her head a little confused.

The tall Miss Bai actually apologized to him?

Grace looked at Jacob. Could it be that he used Media Asia’s influence to put pressure on the Bai family and force this young lady to apologize to her?

Grace’s face instantly blushed.

Does she not want to rely on men to earn face?

Her dignity and status must be won back by his own talents and learning.

“Miss Bai, let it pass the last time!” Grace said.

Bai Nanning: “…”

Forgive her so easily?

Secretly happy, hum, it seems that this woman knows how many catties she is, so she is not embarrassed. If she dares to embarrass her today, she won’t make her feel better in the future.

Bai Suyuan cast his gaze on Jacob, telling him intuitively that Nanning’s apology would not pass the test without paying the truth.

“Kneel down!”

Sure enough, Jacob didn’t plan to let Bai Nanning go so easily.

It’s just that his way of talking like gold cherishes words, but Bai Nanning and Grace are in panic.

Who on earth did he make to kneel?

Grace got used to it and stood up simply.

Jacob stared at her, “What are you going to do?”

Grace was startled. Didn’t he make her kneel?

Sit back slowly again.

Bai Nanning knelt on the ground tremblingly.

Jacob raised his hand and slapped Bai Nanning’s face with a slap.

Suddenly, five bright red finger prints appeared on Bai Nanning’s face, and nosebleeds came out.

“Grace is good for bullying, doesn’t mean I’m good for bullying.”

Jacob stood up and kicked up——

Seeing that the situation was not good, Grace jumped up and hugged Jacob tightly.

“Warlord, let her go?”

With this kick, Bai Nanning’s life may be lost.

After all, Bai Nanning is also a poor person trapped by love. Although she is hateful, she is not dead!

Bai Nanning held her hot face, tears like a kite with broken wires.

The slap of Jacob made her fully understand that she had been in love with Jacob wishful thinking for so long, and Jacob had only merciless and unfeeling towards her.

Jacob looked deeply at the scar on Grace’s forehead, “Get out of the way.”

Grace hugged his waist tightly like an octopus, begging, “Master, let her go!”

“She made you lose your fertility, did you know?” Jacob was heartbroken.

Grace didn’t hurt or itchy, “It doesn’t matter, I already have three children. Having children is so painful, I don’t plan to have another child in this life.”

Jacob looked at the woman who held him tightly, because she was always far away from him because she was afraid of him. Sitting next to him just now, he was also moving to the side.

At this moment, for a woman who hurt her, she suppressed the fear in her heart and was inseparable from him.

Grace realized that he and Jacob’s posture was too close, and quickly released him.

“Go away.” Jacob said angrily.

Bai Nanning got up and fled in embarrassment.

Bai Suyuan chased it out.

“Why forgive her so easily?” Jacob asked.

Grace was a little sad, “She is just a poor person.”

“Bai Nanning, who is arrogant, is pitiful in your eyes?” Jacob was puzzled.

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