Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 272

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Chapter 272

Bai Nanning thought it was very strange, why was Zhang Ma doing the servants’ work, “Where is Grace?” she asked curiously.

“Accompany the child.” Jacob said without warmth.

Since Jacob is a person who cherishes words like gold, after the greeting, he sat there without saying a word.

The atmosphere becomes particularly depressing.

Mother Zhang brought the tea and smiled, “Master, should I call Miss Luo?”

“its okay, let her play.”

There was a hint of temperature in the voice.

Fortunately, Grace knew that Bai Suyuan would come, and soon returned with the children.

One adult and three children are covered in mud.

A bright smile on her face.

Bai Nanning was secretly proud when she saw Grace who was in a panic.

This woman is stupid. She exposes her vulgar image in front of the expensive Young Master Zhan. How a person like Zhan Shao with a hygienic disorder could like a person like her?

“Su Yuan!” Grace ran over enthusiastically.

“Young Master Bai!” Jacob corrected her displeased.

Grace was startled, isn’t it just a title!

“How did you come?”

Bai Suyuan’s gaze fell on Bai Nanning, “I am not looking for you, but my sister is looking for you.”

Grace found out that Bai Nanning had also come.

“Go and take bath first.” Jacob frowned as he looked at the muddy woman.


Grace immediately took the three children upstairs.

Another long wait.

After a while, Grace ran down with long wet hair.

Jacob looked at her bloodless face, remembering that the doctor said that she was malnourished and had poor resistance, and then said, “Go and blow dry!”

“Warlord, have they waited too long?”

It is rude after all to keep guests waiting.

Grace’s upbringing made her unable to do such a thing.

Jacob handed her a sharp look, Grace caught his pressure and ran away quickly.

Bai Nanning’s face was green and white.

Shao Zhan clearly embarrassed her deliberately, and twice and repeatedly made excuses to make them wait.

She didn’t believe it. He has no feelings for her at all.

“Jacob, we…”

“Call me Master Zhan!”

Bai Nanning bit her lip, did he and she really get into this situation?

“Young Master Zhan, please raise your hand high and let us go to the Bai family?”

Jacob’s gaze fell on the little woman who was concentrating on the stairs. “Come down.”

Grace was shocked.

The Zhan clan and the Bai clan have been good friends from generation to generation. In her opinion, the Zhan master can join the world’s enterprises, and he will be very kind to the Bai clan.

What happened? The two Zhanbai families fell out?

Grace walked over, not wanting to sit between Bai Nanning and Jacob. Walked towards Bai Suyuan.

“Come here.” Jacob patted the sofa next to him.

Grace felt that her light bulb was really too high in wattage.

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