Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 271

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Chapter 271

Bai’s stock has hit its limit for three consecutive days.

Bai’s assets have shrunk rapidly at a visible rate, even leading to a reduction in bank creditworthiness.

Bai Shutang was anxious about this matter.

The board of directors strongly demanded that the culprit Bai Nanning must apologize to Grace, otherwise Zhan Shao’s anger would be hard to dissipate, and the Bai family was on the verge of bankruptcy.

Although Bai Shutang spoiled his daughter, under the pressure of the board of directors, he had to agree to the decision of the board of directors.

However, after Bai Nanning learned of the news, she developed a Missy temper at home.

“Dad, asking me to apologize to Grace’s kind of humble country woman, I can’t do it.”

Madam Bai looked at her crying daughter, with great heartache.

“Na Grace used a trick to break up a good marriage between Nanning and Zhan Shao. Nanning should hate her, and now you are forcing her to apologize to her. How wrong should Nanning be?”

Bai Suyuan sat on the sofa, holding the TV remote control in his hand, rotating radio programs.

It doesn’t matter what you are doing.

“Suyuan, this happened because of you. There are so many women in the imperial capital, why did you hire Grace as your assistant?” Madam Bai looked at Bai Suyuan who was hanging up high.

Bai Suyuan turned off the TV and threw the remote control on the coffee table. Stand up: “Well, my sister and you will go to apologize to Grace.”

Bai Nanning sullenly said, “I don’t’ want to go with you, you are not at ease at all. Didn’t you just look at my jokes after you went?”

Bai Suyuan looked helpless, “Sister, you sent Grace to my brother’s room that day. My brother fell in love with her at first sight. Is it wrong to recruit her as my assistant? How do I know that you have a private vengeance with her? Expect you to avenge your personal revenge in the company?”

This passage can be said to hide the needle in Mianli, and he will report Bai Nanning’s chicken belly, regardless of the overall situation.

Bai Shutang originally thought that Bai Nanning was a very mature and stable talent. After Bai Suyuan said so, he actually felt that Bai Nanning was a little childish.

“Nanning, don’t be fooling around. Let your elder brother accompany you to apologize to Grace.”

The final word.

Bai Nanning bit her lip secretly, staring at Bai Suyuan with poison.

Bai Suyuan calmly took out his cell phone and called Grace.

“Grace, where are you?”

“Calendar Garden.”

“I’ll come and find you right away.”

Bai Suyuan hung up, and the gentleman asked for instructions, “Grace is in the calendar garden of Young Master Zhan, are you going?”

Bai Nanning’s face is ugly. Why is Grace in Zhan Shao’s suburban villa, a place she has never been to before?

Mrs. Bai seemed to see her daughter’s thoughts and comforted her, “Grace is the nanny of the Zhan family. Major General Zhan arranged her in the Calendar Garden, so she must be convenient for her to take care of the young masters. Nanning, don’t think too much about it. With few conditions, it is absolutely impossible to marry Grace.”

“Yeah.” Bai Nanning’s face eased.

Mrs. Bai said, “Since you are going to Zhan Shao’s villa, you should dress up well, compare that country woman, and regain Zhan Shao’s heart.”

Bai Nanning ran upstairs, dressed up carefully before going downstairs again.

Bai Suyuan’s face always kept a gentleman’s smile.

When the Bai family’s car appeared in the calendar garden, it was the servant Zhang Ma that greeted them.

When Bai Nanning saw Zhang Ma, her face became very unnatural.

Obviously Grace is the nanny of the Zhan Family, why did Zhan Shao hire a new nanny?

“Young Master Bai, Miss Bai, please come with me.” Mom Zhang brought the two brothers and sisters Bai Suyuan into the living room.

Jacob was sitting on the sofa in the living room, with his long legs folded randomly. He was wearing snow-colored furnishing clothes and his hair was still wet. It was clear that he had just come out of the bath, and his whole body was full of bewitching charm.

“Sit!” The thin lips let out a lazy voice.

Bai Suyuan sat on the sofa left concubine, far away from Jacob.

Bai Nanning chose Concubine You, who was closer to Jacob, to sit down.

Jacob frowned unconsciously.

“Mother Zhang, tea.” Jacob said.

“Hey, okay.” Madam Zhang said cheerfully.

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