Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 270

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Chapter 270

Looking at Grace who was at a loss, Jacob suddenly lowered his head and pressed her lips severely.

Grace was silly instantly.

He is like a sea of fire, and she is a spark that was set ablaze by him. Was reduced to ashes in an instant.

When she resurrected, she pushed him abruptly, and he licked her thin, charming lips damnably.

Grace blushed with tears of shame.

“Master Zhan, if you don’t like me, don’t provoke me.” She accused him in outrage.

He lifted her chin, “Grace, we are going to get married soon. Don’t you think I will be like a jade after I get married?”

Grace looked at him in amazement…

His Gu Xiaowang burned in the ice porch.

“Master Zhan, don’t you feel wronged?”

“Sweet is as sweet as sweet.” He said.

“But I’m wronged…” she stood up and said with tears, “I can’t face a man who hates me, and keep my ladylike demeanor. I also can’t-face a man who hurt me, pay my heart.”

Who said he hated her?

Never before has his eyes been so serious as they are now. “Grace, listen…”

The phone ringtone rang at this time.

Grace took out the phone, and Janice’s name was displayed on the phone screen.

Grace stood up and said, “I’ll go out to answer the phone.”

Jacob’s black face, defending him like a wolf, isn’t it just Janice’s phone?

“Just pick it up here,” he said.

His eyes were clear, with an oppressive feeling.

Grace had to switch on the button, and Janice’s loud voice was heard immediately, “Sister-in-law, let me tell you, a famous director has taken a fancy to our family’s Faith and wants her to shoot the female number two in the movie. I am. Tell you, this opportunity is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. How many first-line female stars dream of acting in his films? You must take Faith to auditions?”

Grace looked embarrassed, “Is it necessary to ask the child’s opinion?”

Janice said, “Oh, sister-in-law, let me tell you, before my brother knows Faith’s life, you quickly let Faith make a few more movies. If he knows, it’s a staid and pedantic national treasure like him. Class antique, will definitely kill Faith’s child star dream without mercy.”

Grace was shocked and hurriedly clutched the microphone, looking at Jacob hastily, “Janice, my Faith’s daddy will be back soon. You have to ask his opinion on this matter.”

Janice was puzzled, “Faith her father?”

Isn’t Faith father her brother?

What does Dasao mean?

“Ah-my brother is in front of you?” After Janice came over, she let out a howl like a pig.

Grace just wanted to quickly end this flawed call, “Janice, I’m hanging up!”

A slender and beautiful hand comparable to a pianist suddenly passed it, “Give me the phone!”

Grace dealt with Jacob’s mobile phone reluctantly.


“Brother, I have something to do, I will talk next time.” Janice wanted to escape, but was threatened by Jacob, “Dare you try?”

“Brother!” Janice shouted with a deep cry.

“Faith’s life experience, what do you mean?” The unsullen or angry voice was mixed with a full pressure deterrent.

“Ask your sister-in-law.” Janice hung up with a bang.

Thirty-six strategies to escape is the best policy!

Jacob’s face was dark to the extreme.

When he turned his head to look at Grace, Grace pretended to clean up her room.

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