Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 240

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Chapter 240



Bai Yan and Ma Hong could not have dreamed that there would be such a result. However, before Ma Hong could ask questions, Yang Jinshui’s words hoarsely resounded again:

“Okay! How your Bai family thought that I came here for revenge today?”

Yang Jinshui’s words made Grandpa Bai and everyone else stunned.

What do you mean?

Isn’t Yang Jinshui is here to take revenge?

But Shaun has beaten his son!

It’s more than that!

Yang Jinshui’s next words made all the Bai family members even more dazed.

“You Bai family members are pigs! I am not here for revenge from Mr. Shaun but to repay his favor!”

“Mr. Shaun beat my son Yang Minghao, that’s right! But Mr. Shaun did this to teach my son a lesson so that he won’t make detours in the future!

“As the father of Yang Minghao, I am very grateful for Mr. Shaun’s kindness! This has made it possible for the four major groups to come and repay!”


Yang Jinshui’s heartbroken words made the Bai family completely messed up.



What’s wrong with this world?

Shaun beat Yang Minghao and even made Yang Jinshui go to such an extent, to mobilize contacts and calling on the four major groups to come together to repay his favor.


Yang Jinshui didn’t care about the astonishment and awkwardness of the Bai family at all. His eyes swept across the Bai family one after another, his face was full of resentment and dissatisfaction:

“But I didn’t expect that your Bai family would be this awkward! You people expelled Mr. Shaun and Miss Elvira from the group!”

“I, hereby announce that if Miss Elvira is not the president of the Bai Group, then our Shanda Group will terminate all cooperation with the Bai family! Besides, the Bai family will become my number one enemy!”

Enemy number one!

Another enemy!

There was Tianlong Group first, and then Shanda Group!

This was really going to destroy the rhythm of the Bai family, and Mr. Bai got frightened suddenly, his body trembled.

But something that will make the Bai family more desperate is about to happen.

Xu Yangsheng took a step forward with a green complexion, and also said loudly:

“The Bai family is not worthy of cooperating with our group! Now, I declare that the Bai family will be blocked. All groups that cooperate with the Bai family will be regarded as our enemy!”

The third!

“Fei Yong stood up and said, I declare here that our Yongsheng Group will block the Bai family as well!”

“I, Zhou Shengchang, hereby announce that our Changsheng Group cuts off all orders with the Bai family, which is regarded as a vengeance!”

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