Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 286

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Chapter 286

Hundred times more expensive than diamonds!

When Mr. Zhang said these words, the laughter of everyone in the entire banquet hall suddenly stopped.

The smiles on their faces got completely frozen.

Everyone’s eyes widened, almost unable to believe whatever they had just heard.

Especially Taigong Shen!

He has just picked up the teacup, and when he heard this, his palm shook suddenly.


The teacup fell to the ground, as if he hadn’t noticed, he looked in the direction of Zhang Lao incredulously.

He only felt that his heart is beating fastly.

“Lao Zhang, you… what did you just say?”

“This button is a hundred times more expensive than diamonds. Are you kidding me?”

The gazes of the surrounding guests were all staring at Lao Zhang, and their expressions were full of doubt and disbelief.

After all, as everyone knows, diamonds are extremely expensive!

Although this button is very small, if it is replaced with a diamond, it will take at least tens of thousands!


According to Zhang Lao, this button is a hundred times more expensive than diamonds. Doesn’t it mean that this little button is worth more than ten million?

This is so as a fantasy.


Lao Zhang didn’t care about the shock of everyone around him. The cold sweat on his forehead was constantly flowing, and even the heat covered the reading glasses with a hazy mist.

At the moment, he wiped his eyes and said:

“To be precise, the material of this button does not belong to any jewelry, but a precious tooth!”


A precious tooth?

This is even more unacceptable to everyone around.

What kind of teeth can be worth more than ten million, this is a joke!

“I don’t know, have you ever heard of an almost extinct marine creature-the deep-sea dragon shark!” Zhang Lao said to the crowd with excitement.

Deep-sea dragon shark!

Upon hearing these words, some guests suddenly screamed:

“Old Zhang, are you talking about the cruelest shark in the ocean? It is said that this shark lives in the deep sea and belongs to the king of sharks!”

“Every dragon shark is as huge as like a ship, especially the Dave warship that disappeared in the United States that year. It shocked the world! It is said that it encountered a terrifying dragon shark, which Annihilated all the soldiers on the warship!”


At this moment, following the guest’s explanation, everyone around only felt a tingling scalp.

A shark king having the size of a ship.

The king of the sea that has inhaled the US warship.


What does all this have to do with the buttons in front of you?

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