Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 304

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Chapter 304

“Damn it!”

Zhang Boyu did not expect that he would encounter a hard stubble, and immediately he wanted to withdraw his palm.

But at this moment!


Zhang Boyu only felt that from Shaun’s palm, there was a strong force, like a meat grinder, squeezed it down against his palm, causing his bones to make a crisp sound as if it would break at any time.

Zhang Boyu screamed, he bends down like cooked dried shrimp.

This scene made Zhang Caier’s pride and sarcasm instantly stiff and her complexion changed:

“Let it go! Shaun, what are you doing!!!”

Saying said, Zhang Caier rushed forward and separated Shaun and Zhang Boyu.

Only then Zhang Caier saw that her brother’s palm had pinched a bloodstain on his fingers.

If she didn’t interrupt then her brother’s hand would have crushed.


Zhang Boyu and Zhang Caier were all startled and then looked at Shaun angrily.

“Shaun, what you are you doing? We were here to invite your family to dinner, and you almost crushed my brother’s hand”

“Are you a monster?”

At this moment, Zhang Caier looked angrily at Shaun.

Baishan, Paula, and Elvira got stunned to see this scene.

They didn’t expect that Shaun can hurt someone just by shaking his hand.

“Shaun, are you mad? How can be you rude to the guests!”

“Yes, you stinky boy, what’s the matter? Do you see what you have done to Boyu’s hand!”

The Elvira family had no idea what is going.

They just saw that Shaun hurt Zhang Boyu.

So they all became angry at Shaun.

Listen to the scolding of his family!

Shaun touched his nose and lowered his head. He does not want to explain anything.

And seeing him look like this.

Elvira and others became angrier.

Just when they wanted to scold Shaun again, a sarcastic smile appeared at the corner of Boyu’s mouth, and he quickly stood up and said:

“Uncle, aunt, Elvira! Don’t scold Shaun, he certainly didn’t mean it!”

At this moment, Zhang Boyu wants to embarrass Shaun.

Obviously he wanted to injure me secretly, but he got himself injured.

He attacked Shaun with the verbal trick and then he got up to went away with a perfect impression.


Upon hearing Zhang Boyu, Shaun smiled and said.

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