Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 305

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Chapter 305

“Boyu, I didn’t expect that your temperament has changed so much in the past few years! You are mature and stable! What a good boy!”

“Yeah, it is obviously Shaun’s fault, you still help him speak, alas, Shaun is far from you!”

The Bai family at this moment is disappointed with Shaun.

Especially compared with Zhang Boyu’s generosity and tolerance, Shaun seemed too stingy and rude.

Elvira couldn’t help but shook her head in disappointment. She couldn’t figure out how Shaun would do such an impulsive thing.

Then she turned to look at Zhang Boyu and asked worriedly:

“Brother Boyu, is your hand okay? Do you want to go to the hospital for an examination?”

Listening to Elvira’s caring words, Zhang Boyu’s heart became joyful.

He looked at Shaun insignificantly, with a touch of provocation and abusive expression on his face, and said to Elvira:

“Elvira, don’t worry, don’t blame Shaun, maybe it is because I know much about you! As your husband, it makes Shaun uncomfortable to see our friendship! I can understand!”

Zhang Boyu’s words seem to help Shaun to get rid of it, but in fact, they are instigating the relationship between Elvira and Shaun.


Elvira’s pretty face sank, and said angrily:

“Brother Boyu, there is no need to defend him. It’s his fault that he hurt you for no reason!”

Hearing this, Zhang Boyu suddenly realized that he had achieved what he wanted, that he got succeed to make the Elvira family resent Shaun.

And just when he was about to say something!

The advertisement on TV shows a rebroadcast of the Jiangshi news.

“According to the latest news, the hottest young queen in Asia has issued a statement! Three days later, a concert by “Van Love” will be held in our city gymnasium!”


Kelly, the queen of Asia!

Fanzhilian concert?

After hearing this news, Elvira, Paula, and Baishan got shocked.

Who is Kelly?

It can be said that she is now one of the most popular entertainment stars in Asia.

She is a singer, her masterpieces are “Travel in the Caribbean”, “He is Dream”, “The God” and so on…

Every song of her has become a sensation across Asia.


Kelly’s piano music is hailed as a masterpiece of the 21st century.

Countless pianoists are sought after and admired.

“The Straw in Despair”, “Traveling by One”, “The Love of Gifting to All”

It is also included in the ranks of the world’s top piano scores.

It’s more than that!

There are many interesting secrets related to Kelly, and the most shocking one is-Fan Shen!

In Kelly’s interview, she once said.

Whether it is her masterpiece songs or that piano music that shocked the global piano circle, she is not the original creator, but the real creator is that Fan Shen!

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