Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 306

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Chapter 306

It is said!

When Kelly was abroad, she was about to kill herself but that young man not only rescued her, he also gave her a sheet of music.

According to her, that young man is a god.

At first, Kelly’s news caused a sensation in Asia.

Countless fans were shocked to hear this. After all, she is a legend. At first, saving her life and then giving her a sheet of music due to which she is very popular in the world today. Her life savior is more than a god indeed.

It’s more than that!

Almost all of Kelly’s fans know that.

In the past three years, Kelly has held 36 concerts just to find Fan Shen.

She has searched for him for three years, just to say ‘thank you’ to that person!

Thanking him for saving her life!

Although all Kelly fans have never seen how Mr. Fan looks like, they can’t stop to see him for sure.

All of Kelly’s fans are Fan Shen’s fans now.

And Elvira is one of the members of the Fan Shen fan club.

She likes Kelly, and she likes the mysterious that mysterious guy who has never appeared before!

“Oh my God, Kelly is coming to our Jiangshi for a concert! I’m so excited!”

Elvira covered her small mouth at this moment, and deep excitement emerged in her eyes.

Not just her!

Even Paula likes Kelly very much, and she also praised Kelly.

Seeing this scene, Zhang Boyu said with a smile:

“Hahaha, Elvira, don’t worry, this time I am here, our group has the contract to manage the concert!”

“The boss of our group is chasing Kelly for three years. We manage her every concert!”

“At that time, I can help you get some tickets, let’s go see it together!”

Tickets for the concert!

Hearing this, Elvira’s beautiful eyes lit up instantly.

She knows that Kelly’s concert tickets are arguably the most difficult thing to get.

The price is high as well as the demand is very high. There are still many wealthy people who chase stars in droves.

Elvira was extremely happy to hear that Zhang Boyu will bring tickets:

“Brother Boyu, thank you so much!”

Elvira’s face was full of joy, and her gratitude made Zhang Boyu extremely comfortable.

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