Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 311

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Chapter 311


Mo Yiran’s words made surrounding people go crazy.

Everyone turned their heads to look at Elvira’s expressions.


Elvira was extremely excited. She was excited to hear her name from the mouth of a celebrity like Mo Yiran.

When Shaun heard the name “The Love of Gift to Fan”, a strange look suddenly appeared on his face.

This is the piano piece he had composed back then.

The words Zengfan Zhilian were named by Kelly, and Fan in it refers to Shaun.

Now, Zhang Boyu used the piano music that Shaun has composed as a gift to his wife Elvira.

If Zhang Boyu thinks this guy is afraid that he will vomit blood out of anger.

And at this moment, the applause gradually calmed down, and all the people there stopped their meal and looked towards the stage.

Whole the restaurant is silent!


With a move of Mo Yiran’s finger, a mesmerizing sound came out.

Listening to this, everyone there can only feel the nerves in their body making a slight jump.


Mo Yiran’s fingers, like clouds and flowing water, played thoroughly.

The gentle and melodious rhythm, under her fingers, constantly floated to everyone’s ears, making everyone’s emotions completely calm.

Everyone felt that the notes, like fingers, were tapping their nerves, allowing everyone to close their eyes comfortably and start enjoying the joy of this music.

Especially Elvira.

She really likes this song “The Love of Zengfan”!

In her heart, that person must be a God who has composed this beautiful music.

But she didn’t notice that Shaun frowned slightly after hearing this piano music.

This song was composed by him a few years ago.

But now it sounds like there are some flaws.

Thinking of this, Shaun shook his head and said to himself:

“Oh… when I wrote this song, it seemed that I was still not good enough!”

“There is a fault in rhythm, the pitch has a sense of deviation, and the rise and fall reveal a sense of flaws!”


After Shaun’s self-talking words sounded, Mo Yiran’s finger on the stage stopped abruptly.


At this moment, everyone opened their eyes quickly and looked at the stage in doubt.

But everyone found that Mo Yiran’s pretty face turned gloomy and ugly.

Especially her eyes look like a falcon, looking directly at Shaun’s direction:

“Gentleman, I heard that you have a lot of dissatisfaction and opinions about the “Love of Zeng Fan” I played?”

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