Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 312

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Chapter 312


Everyone got startled, and then they looked at Shaun.

Even Elvira and others were all confused.

They haven’t heard Shaun’s words, because all their attention was on piano music.

“Every time, when I play the piano, my ears become sharpest!”

“If it was an ordinary noise, it won’t have affected me, but this gentleman.”

Mo Yiran looked at Shaun with coldness:

“What you are saying to yourself, do you doubt my piano skills? This is equal to blasphemy with the divine music of “The Love of Zengfan”!”


Mo Yiran is not having any mercy, and Shaun heard what she is saying.

And when Elvira heard that Shaun’s self-talk was blasphemy with “The Love of Zengfan”, her pretty face got pale.

A wave of anger surged in Elvira’s beautiful eyes.

“Shaun, how can you do this! Do you know that “The Love of Gifts to Fan” is a piece of divine music for me and many fans of Fanshen. If you don’t understand the piano, then just don’t talk nonsense here!”

Elvira was extremely disappointed with Shaun at this moment.

She is not afraid of Shaun’s shabbiness and incompetency!

But what made her most unbearable was that Shaun dared to blaspheme the divine music!

This is simply too much!

And at this moment, after seeing this situation, Zhang Boyu and Zhang Caier beside them got angry and ecstatic.


This is an excellent opportunity to make Elvira hate Shaun.

Thinking of this, both brother and sister started to criticized Shaun:

“Shaun, this is indeed your fault. You should apologize to fans of Miss Mo!”

“My brother is right. You don’t understand anything. You only eat and waiting for your death. What qualifications do you have to question Fanshen’s piano music!”

After hearing her words, the rest of the people in the restaurant were extremely dissatisfied with Shaun.

After all, it was Shaun’s fault that caused Mo Yiran to stop playing, that was horrible for them.

Shaun didn’t care about the accusations of everyone around him.

He looked straight at Mo Yiran:

“Yes, what I said now is, this piano music has a sense of rift, a sense of deviation in pitch, and there is an imperfection of rising and fall!”


When they heard Shaun’s words, all the people in the restaurant got amazed, and they started to abuse him.

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